Honour Roll

Paralympics Australia recognises the achievements of Paralympic athletes, coaches and administrators through several awards, including the Australian Paralympian of the Year.

The award and title is the highest honour for an Australian Paralympic athlete and is awarded in a Paralympic Summer Games year to an athlete who has won a medal from the Games or has achieved outstanding results and performed their personal best.

1994 Louise Sauvage
1995 Priya Cooper
1996 Louise Sauvage
1997 Louise Sauvage
1998 Louise Sauvage
2000 Siobhan Paton
2002 Michael Milton
2004 Tim Sullivan
2008 Matthew Cowdrey
2010 Cameron Rahles-Rahbula
2012 Jacqueline Freney
2016 Dylan Alcott
2020 Madison de Rozario
2022 Ben Tudhope

Paralympics Australia established the Australian Paralympic Hall of Fame to recognise individuals who have:

  • made a significant contribution to Australian success at the Paralympic Games
  • enhanced the profile and understanding of Paralympic sport and Paralympic athletes in Australia
  • promoted the role of the Paralympic movement in the development of Australian sport and society.

Since 2011, 11 athletes and three administrators have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. They are:

Find out more about the Hall of Fame structure and selections process.

A black background with images of Australian Paralympians Ben Tudhope and Madison de Rozario. There is gold text that reads: Paralympian of the Year; Ben Tudhope 2022; Madison de Rozario 2020.2020 Rookie Of The Year – William Martin (swimming)

2022 Rookie Of The Year – Josh Hanlon (alpine skiing)

2020 Coach Of The Year – Louise Sauvage (athletics)

2022 Coach Of The Year – Par Sundqvist (snowboarding)

Uncle Kevin Coombs Medallist – Stuart Jones (cycling)

PA President’s Award – Danni Di Toro (table tennis)

2020 Female Athlete Of The Year – Madi De Rozario (athletics)

2022 Female Athlete Of The Year – Melissa Perrine (alpine skiing)

2020 Male Athlete Of The Year – Curtis McGrath (canoe)

2022 Male Athlete Of The Year – Ben Tudhope (snowboarding)

2020 Team Of The Year – Melissa Tapper / Qian Yang / Lina Lei (table tennis)

Paralympic Medal – John Wylie (sports administration)

Hall Of Fame inductees – Priya Cooper (swimming), Matt Cowdrey (swimming), Libby Kosmala (shooting), Michael Milton (alpine skiing), Kurt Fearnley (athletics)

2020 Paralympian Of The Year – Madison de Rozario (athletics)

2022 Paralympian Of The Year – Ben Tudhope (snowboarding)

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