Building Employer Confidence

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Para-athletes in the Workplace

The Athlete Employment Project to Build Employer Confidence (BEC) is an innovative collaboration between Paralympics Australia and the ILC. Our mission is to create a transformative program that fosters confidence among employers to hire, retain, and support talented individuals with disabilities.

This ground-breaking initiative will look to harness the skills, determination, and resilience of Paralympic athletes, empowering them to excel in their careers beyond the field. By breaking down barriers and challenging societal perceptions, we aim to revolutionise the employment landscape for people with disabilities and provide the skills, tools, and support to build the confidence of employers.

Through this unique partnership, we will engage athletes, employers, and disability advocates in a comprehensive co-design process that combines human-centred design and universal design principles. Our goal is to equip employers with the tools and knowledge necessary to create inclusive workplaces that embrace diversity and champion equal opportunities.

BEC Working Group

  • Geoff Quinlan
  • Melonie Lowe
  • Chrissie Bluett
  • Peter Brown
  • Angela Garniss
  • Sarah Stewart

BEC Steering Committee

  • Grant Mizens
  • Ella Sabljak
  • Tim Matthews
  • Sara Heasley

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit for more information.