Pride in Sport

Paralympics Australia has partnered with the Australian Pride in Sport program, committing to further develop and enhance LGBTQ inclusion.

Paralympics Australia strongly believe in equality of opportunity for all, and we are committed to providing a safe, fair and inclusive environment for Australia’s Paralympians, Para-athletes and Para-sports.

We work with Pride in Sport to provide a more inclusive, safe and healthy sporting environment for people with diverse sexualities and genders.

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What is Pride in Sport?

ACON Health’s Pride in Sport program is the only sporting inclusion program specifically designed to assist sporting organisations with the inclusion of employees, athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators with diverse genders and sexualities.

Why is LGBTQ inclusion important?

Creating a healthier and safer sporting culture for LGBTQ people has never been more important; with actual and perceived social exclusion a leading cause of preventable death in Australia.

Data from the Out on the Fields study showed that 80% of people have either witnessed or experienced homophobia in sport, with 75% believing that an openly gay person would not be safe as a spectator at a sporting event. Even more alarming is the data from the National LGBTI Health Alliance showing that LGBTI young people aged 16 to 27 are five times more likely to attempt suicide compared to the general population, with transgender people aged 18 and over nearly eleven times more likely.