In our role as a member and National Paralympic Committee of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Paralympics Australia (PA) is the guardian of Para-sport and its values in this country.

As part of our membership requirements, Paralympics Australia must adhere to relevant International Paralympic Committee rules and codes (such as the IPC Classification Code, IPC Anti-Doping Code, IPC Code of Ethics and IPC Medical Code), which also impact on our members. Full rights and obligations of IPC Members are outlined in Chapter 2 of the IPC Handbook.

Paralympics Australia is also mandated by the International Paralympic Committee to ensure that the national Para-sport classification system is compliant with the IPC Athlete Classification Code. As such, we play a key role in the governance of classification, supporting NSOs to develop and implement code compliant policies and procedures, and leading the strategic direction of classification in Australia.

Paralympics Australia also has a responsibility to support the health and well-being of our athletes and provides a voice through our Athlete Commission.

Paralympics Australia Membership

Paralympics Australia is a Company Limited by Guarantee, which allows voting members of the Company under its Constitution. At present, there is one membership type – a Voting Member.

Voting membership (with associated rights and obligations under the Paralympics Australia Constitution) is specifically for NSOs or similar governing bodies whose sport is currently competed for on the current programme for the Summer or Winter Paralympic Games. We have recently reviewed our membership strategy and criteria to make it contemporary and more closely aligned to our strategic goals – a key one being to support organisations and athletes to achieve success at Paralympic Games.

The general obligations and responsibilities of Paralympics Australia and Voting Members is outlined in our Constitution, and our Rights and responsibilities of membership. Sport Partnership Agreements detail the relationship between Paralympics Australia and the relevant sports.

Members of Paralympics Australia must abide by our relevant policies and codes (including our People Protection Policy, Codes of Conduct, Classification Policy, Anti-Doping Policy and Anti-Match Fixing Policy), which are available in our Integrity Framework.

For more information on membership, please contact Paralympics Australia.

Current Voting Member

The following organisations are Voting Members of Paralympics Australia: