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Everyone has a story to tell. This is your chance to meet your Paralympians and find out what drives them to keep on achieving their dreams.

Aaron Chatman

Following a series of standout performances in the lead-up to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Aaron Chatman’s dream of representing Australia at a second Paralympic Games…
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Aaron Royle

More details coming soon…
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Abby Craswell

Abby Craswell was originally a gymnast before transitioning to athletics when she was about 11. The 100m T36 sprinter made her first Nationals that year and…
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Adam Deans

Growing up, Adam Deans aspired to become a professional athlete, particularly focused on a career in the AFL. However, in 2005 he fell down the stairs…
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Adam Kellerman

Australia is renowned the world over for producing wheelchair tennis players of the highest calibre, and two-time Paralympian Adam Kellerman is no exception to this. Adam…
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Ahmed Kelly

Before Ahmed Kelly was a three-time Paralympian, he was living in an orphanage in Baghdad, Iraq, with his brother Emmanuel. Both had been born with severely…
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