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Everyone has a story to tell. This is your chance to meet your paralympians and find out what drives them to keep on achieving their dreams.


Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison was 17 when he was first introduced to wheelchair rugby – by none other than three-time Paralympian Bryce Alman. He would go on to…
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Angie Ballard

Angie Ballard is a world-class competitor with vast international experience spanning five Paralympic Games. She found her competitive edge in wheelchair racing in 1994, five years…
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Anton Zappelli

Anton Zappelli has been an integral member of the Australian Para-shooting team since his World Championships debut in 2014. Once a promising golfer, Anton competed in…
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Ari Gesini

When Ari Gesini made his senior World Championships debut last November, his dream of representing Australia at the Paralympic Games had never felt more real. Representing…
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Ashleigh McConnell

Ashleigh McConnell etched her name in Paralympic history at her first Paralympic Games in 2016, when she and her women’s 4x100m freestyle relay 34 Points teammates…
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Ashley Van Rijswijk

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