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Australia’s Paralympian of the Year
  • Paralympian of the Year 2016

    Dylan Alcott

    A spinal tumour wasn't enough to stop Dylan Alcott, our 2016 Paralympian of the Year from competing in two different elite-level sports and winning gold.

  • Paralympian of the Year 2012

    Jacqueline Freney

    Being born with cerebral palsy has not stopped Jacqueline Freney from achieving her dreams and breaking records as our 2012 Australian Paralympian of the Year.

  • Paralympian of the Year 2010

    Cameron Rahles-Rahbula

    A Paralympic alpine skier, our 2010 Paralympian of the Year has not let osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, deter him from achieving his goals.

  • Paralympian of the Year 2008

    Matthew Cowdrey

    With a congenital amputation of his left arm, our 2008 Paralympian of the Year is one of Australia’s most successful Paralympians. Matthew holds numerous world records and an impressive 23 Paralympic medals.

  • Paralympian of the Year 2004

    Tim Sullivan

    Cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped our 2004 Paralympian of the Year achieve three gold medals in the Athens Paralympics, two of which included new world records.

Brock Ingram

Brock Ingram began rowing as a 13-year-old but stopped a year after finishing school to pursue other interests. He returned to the water following a workplace…
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Brydee Moore

Born with cerebral palsy, Brydee Moore lives by the motto “see the athlete, not the disability.” At her first international competition, the 2006 FESPIC Games, she…
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Cameron Carr

With a decade of experience playing wheelchair rugby at an elite level, Cameron Carr is one of the most accomplished athletes on the Australian wheelchair rugby…
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Carlee Beattie

While most athletes make their international debuts at a World Championships or Commonwealth Games, Carlee Beattie is unlike most athletes. Instead, the now two-time Paralympic medallist…
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Carol Cooke

Sports fanatic, workaholic, former undercover police officer and multiple sclerosis advocate, Carol Cooke is one of the most inspirational figures in Australian sport. Having worked with…
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Chad Perris

Although still new to the Para-athletics track, Chad ‘White Tiger’ Perris previewed his Paralympic potential at the 2013 IPC World Para-athletics Championships in Lyon, France, where…
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