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Everyone has a story to tell. This is your chance to meet your Paralympians and find out what drives them to keep on achieving their dreams.

Alexander Tuckfield

Growing up swimming from a young age, Alexander Tuckfield began to swim competitively in 2015. Born with congenital cerebral palsy, the NSW native grew up participating…
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Alexandra Lisney

Alex Lisney, who has mild cerebral palsy affecting the left side of her body, was a netball, hockey and touch football player prior to discovering Para-sport.…
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Alexandra Viney

Tasmania-born Alexandra Viney was a promising young rower throughout her high school years. At the age of 18, in 2010, Al survived a high-speed car accident…
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Alissa Jordaan

South African born Alissa Jordaan began her athletics career during her primary school years while attending Mowbray Public School, NSW. She found her passion for the…
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Alistair Donohoe

Sport has always played an immense role in the life of star Para-cyclist Alistair Donohoe, and not even an accident at 15 which almost cost him…
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Amanda Reid

Amanda Reid is a two-time Paralympian and proud Indigenous woman whose career started in the swimming pool. At the 2011 Global Games she claimed a remarkable…
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