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Paralympics Australia and RACV Resorts social media competition – full terms and conditions

  1. Competition terms and conditions (PDF)

Paralympics Australia Logo Guidelines

Paralympics Australia logos are our important assets. Our logos represent our brand and corporate identity, so it is critical to ensure accurate brand representation.

The organisations listed below are allowed to use the Paralympics Australia logo provided that they:
1.    comply with the specific guidelines
2.    submit every use of the Paralympics Australia logo for approval to the Marketing team. Paralympics Australia logo files can be obtained upon request.

Organisations that are allowed to use the Paralympics Australia logos are:

  • State/Territory Institutes/Academies of Sport
  • Any Commonwealth or State departments with a sport/recreation portfolio
  • Recognised national sporting federations
  • Any organisations that are sponsors/partners with Paralympics Australia or its programs

All other organisations or individuals are not allowed to use Paralympics Australia logos without permission.

Athlete Sponsorship and Advertising Regulations

These Regulations address the key principles relating to the use of Athletes in Advertising and are applicable to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. They seek to put Athletes in a better position to work with their personal sponsors in a manner consistent with their rights and responsibilities as a Paralympic athlete.

  1. Athlete Sponsorship & Advertising Regulations _Paris 2024_IPC and PA April2024 (PDF)