The fourth and final day of the 2017 UCI Para-cycling World Championships wrapped up yesterday in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, with Australia picking up two silver and one bronze medal to bring their tally to eight for this campaign.

Paralympic silver medallist Kyle Bridgwood (QLD) fought hard against Germany’s Tobias Vetter in the Men’s C4 Road Race to come away with silver in a time of 2:06:47, while Darren Hicks (SA) added another silver to his World Championship haul, edging out bronze medallist, France’s Francois Lacroix over the 60.7km C2 course.

Debutant Meg Lemon (SA) picked up her second bronze of the Championships, crossing the line of the Women’s C4 Road Race in 1:46:36 behind Shawn Morelli from the USA in 1:42:15 and Jenny Narcisi from Italy in 1:45:49.

These podiums come off the back of a golden World Cup campaign for Lemon in Ostende, Belgium and Managio, Italy in April this year.


Day 1 IRTT

H1 (15.5 km) – Emilie Miller (NSW) 1st
T2 (15.5 km) – Carol Cooke (VIC) Gold 
H5 (23.3 km) – Stuart Tripp (VIC) 4th
H1 (15.5 km) – Grant Nickel (NSW) 6th 

Day 2 IRTT

C3 (23.3 km) – David Nicholas (QLD) 9th
C2 (23.3 km) – Darren Hicks (SA) Silver 
C1 (23.3 km) – Darcy Thompson (SA) 7th
C4 (23.3 km) – Meg Lemon (SA) Bronze, Hannah Macdougall (VIC) 4th
C3 (15.5 km) – Simone Kennedy (NSW) 5th
B (31.0 km) – Kieran Murphy (SA) & Lachlan Glasspool, Pilot (SA) 10th
C5 (31.0 km) – Alistair Donohoe (VIC) 8th
C4 (31.0 km) – Kyle Bridgwood (QLD) Silver

Day 3 Road Races

H1 (24.3 km) – Emilie Miller (NSW) 1st
H1 (30.4 km) – Grant Nickel (NSW) 4th
T2 (24.3 km) – Carol Cooke (VIC) Gold
H5 (60.7 km) – Stuart Tripp (VIC) DNS

Day 4 Road Races

C1-3 (48.6 km) – Simone Kennedy (NSW) 5th
C4-5 (60.7 km) – Meg Lemon (SA) Bronze, Hannah Macdougall (VIC) 5th
C4-5 (85.0 km) – Alistair Donohoe (VIC) 7th, Kyle Bridgwood (QLD) Silver
C1-3 (60.7 km) – David Nicholas (QLD) 13th, Darren Hicks (SA) Silver, Darcy Thompson (SA) 7th
B (109.3 km) – Kieran Murphy (SA) & Lachlan Glasspool, Pilot (SA) DNF

By Cycling Australia

Posted: 4/9/2017

Photo with thanks to Andrew McFadden/Cycling Australia