Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce, APC CEO Jason Hellwig and Qantas Executive Manager Group Safety and Health Tim JenkinsThe Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is pleased to announce Qantas has signed up as the first member of its new cause-related marketing initiative – the Workplace Safety Alliance.

To acknowledge the partnership between the two Australian organisations, APC CEO Jason Hellwig joined Qantas CEO Alan Joyce yesterday to open Qantas’ Safety Conference and spoke about the importance of addressing contemporary issues about safety in the workplace.

Qantas has been a part of the Australian Paralympic Committee’s story since the first Paralympic Games in 1960.

“Members of the Australian Paralympic Team have acquired their disabilities through a life-changing incident in the workplace and have become prime examples of the importance of implementing health and safety initiatives at work,” Jason Hellwig said.

“The APC is thrilled that Qantas has become our pioneering member of this important program. It shows Qantas’ strong recognition that the journeys of our Paralympians, from accident through to recovery, can make a real difference to how its employees view workplace safety.”

With safety a priority for all Australian businesses, particularly in the transport, mining, construction and manufacturing sectors, the APC believes it is in a unique position to deliver messages around workplace safety through its athletes, and as such, has developed the Workplace Safety Alliance to commence in 2015.

“The goals of the Workplace Safety Alliance match Qantas’ own ambitions for an incident-free workplace,” Alan Joyce said.

“We are proud to be playing a formative role in this important national initiative, and we look forward to working closely with the APC in the years to come.”

As a member of the Workplace Safety Alliance, Qantas will have the opportunity to connect with athletes, have direct access to industry announcements and news on revised policies, regulations and research, and as well as involvement in a range of networking events which encourage everyone to get involved in the Paralympic movement and support the Australian Paralympic Team.

For detailed information about the APC’s Workplace Safety Alliance, click here.

By APC Media
Posted: 31/10/14