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The 20-year journey to a healthier, more active and inclusive society has been laid out with the release of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Legacy Strategy.

It follows a year of community consultation resulting in more than 14,000 suggestions and partnership with Games Delivery Partners.

Supported by the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and Brisbane 2032 Presidents, Elevate 2042 has the bold mission of making Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the Oceania region better, sooner, together through sport, with opportunities accelerated by the Olympic and Paralympic Games (the Games) in 2032.

The vision is that by 2042, we will live in an inclusive, more sustainable and connected society, with more opportunities in life for everyone.

The Games present an opportunity to make change by using the Games to advance our economy, improve our environment, enhance our connectivity and build more inclusive communities through sport.

Elevate 2042 creates the framework for that transformation, with a focus on four key areas that are already seeing legacy projects being planned, or coming to fruition.

Sport, health and inclusion

  • Communities will be more inclusive, active and healthy
  • Strong pathways for talented athletes wherever they live
  • Focusing on making sport more affordable and the availability of transport and facilities
  • Reigniting the volunteer network
  • YouFor2032 program – Australia’s largest ever talent search program
  • Paralympic Centre of Excellence – to be established at the University of Queensland

Connecting people and places

  • Catalyst for more connected public and active transport
  • Accelerating urban renewal that promotes liveability and wellbeing
  • Faster movement of goods, people and ideas
  • Making great places where communities can share experiences
  • Creating a connected and walkable Games with more mobility options for pedestrians, bikes and scooters
  • Turning the Northshore Athlete Village into a diverse housing precinct

A better future for our environment

  • Speeding up the journey to net zero emissions
  • Reducing waste and creating sustainable growth in our communities
  • Restoring healthy lands and waterways
  • Building green infrastructure
  • Sustainable infrastructure and principles for all new or significantly upgraded venues and villages
  • Queensland Energy & Jobs Plan: delivering clean, reliable, affordable energy

Economy of the future

  • A more diversified economy that fosters creativity
  • A place for local innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups
  • Resilient businesses and supply chains that can grow and enter new markets
  • Sport, biomedical, agriculture, resources, tourism and creative industries
  • Q2032 Procurement Strategy rolled out across Queensland
  • Cultural Program and Festival Preparation – Events and projects to elevate arts onto a global stage
  • There are two foundations that will run through all the ideas that are brought to life:

Respecting, advancing and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

  • More opportunities in sport, business, arts, culture, tourism and life
  • Integrating Indigenous culture in planning, design and delivery of the Games
  • Embedding Indigenous cultures in communities
  • Planning for a First Nations Cultural Centre
  • Creating a First Nations tourism roadmap

Advancing accessibility and empowering people with disability

  • People with disability can participate fully in the community
  • And have a voice on housing, transport, education, employment and sport
  • With accessible, inclusive sports infrastructure and events
  • Queensland’s Disability Plan 2022-2027: Together, a Better Queensland
  • Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031

Elevate 2042 reflects the aspirations of the community, with more than 14,000 ideas submitted through the Hopes and Dreams survey, Legacy Forum and Elevate 2042 consultation paper.

Games Delivery Partners have also undertaken their own community engagement to explore their respective priorities.

Those partners include the Queensland Government, Australian Government, Council of Mayors (SEQ), Brisbane City Council, City of Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast Council, Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia and the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee.

They will all play a key role in the next step, which is to map out the first Implementation Plan, to be developed during 2024 in conjunction with each individual region, that will drive delivery of the early legacy activities up to 2029.

The Plan will identify the priority programs, projects, targets, partnerships, policy levers and funding sources that will be needed to make the legacy goals happen, with local communities and businesses helping prioritise the most important projects for their own areas.

Quote attributable to Paralympics Australia President Alison Creagh AM CSC

“Ultimately, the success of the Brisbane 2032 Paralympics won’t be judged on how many medals Australia wins or even how well the Games are staged.

“A key measure of success will be the way we use Para-sport to challenge stereotypes about what people with a disability can achieve and what kind of a nation we want to create for the future.

“Our responsibility is to unite, inspire and motivate Australians for generations to come.”

Quote attributable to International Paralympic Committee President, Andrew Parsons

“On behalf of the Paralympic Movement, I want to congratulate Brisbane 2032 for the ambitious level of detail and the breadth of conversation provided by Elevate 2042.

“We have never seen an organising committee develop a 20-year legacy plan before, and the extent of integration of disability inclusion in the strategy is truly unprecedented.

“We know that wherever they take place, the Paralympic Games are transformational.

“The Paralympics are a once-in-a-generation catalyst that will transform communities and leave important legacies across Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and Oceania.

“The Paralympics will transform attitudes and create law change that will deliver long-term benefits to the 4.4 million Australians with a disability.

“The Paralympics will transform urban environments and provide more opportunities for people with disabilities to access sport, housing, education and work, which in turn creates more inclusive societies, and then delivers economic impact that everyone benefits from.”

Quote attributable to Premier and Minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Annastacia Palaszczuk:

“Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games has never been about a few weeks of spectacle.

“It is about making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide lasting benefits for our communities.

“We want 2032 to be the starting line – not the finish – for new investment, new industries, new opportunities, and a new golden era for Queensland.

“Just as South Bank has been the lasting legacy of Expo ’88, this report details what the community wants the 2032 Games to achieve.

Quote attributable to Sport Minister and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics and Paralympics Sport and Engagement, Stirling Hinchliffe:

“Queenslanders and Australians have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to harness the power of the biggest sporting event on Earth for longer-term community change.

“Thank you to the thousands who have contributed their ideas to the Brisbane 2032 Legacy Strategy.

“Legacy comes in many shapes, sizes and perspectives on making regions better, sooner, together through sport to improve lives now and into the future.”

Quote attributable to Federal Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Sport Anika Wells:

“Brisbane 2032 provides an unprecedented opportunity to inspire the next generation of athletes by hosting a variety of sports in Australia’s backyard.

“Our mission for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games is to foster greater participation in sport so more people across Australia reap the preventive health, social inclusion, and connectivity benefits it provides.”

Quote attributable to Council of Mayors (SEQ) Chair and Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner

“Transforming South East Queensland through enhanced transport connectivity was always the driving force behind our region’s ambition to become an Olympic and Paralympic Host City and Region.

“We’re excited to see a commitment by all Games Partners to a collaborative Brisbane 2032 Mobility and Transport Strategy for South East Queensland that will ensure key improvements to the region’s transport system and operations are prioritised, integrated and delivered in time for the Games.

“SEQ is growing quickly so more convenient, faster and accessible travel choices will help to keep our region and its growing communities moving before, during and after the Games.

“We’re also excited to see Resilient Rivers and the SEQ Waste Management Plan recognised as key legacy projects, and how they can be elevated through the Plan to deliver even more benefit for our local environment, waterways, rivers and Moreton Bay.”

Quote attributable to Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee President Andrew Liveris AO

“The Games will deliver the biggest event in south-east Queensland’s history and a moment in time to be remembered, but our legacy will evolve for generations to come.

“This is our opportunity to work as one to ensure no-one is left behind and equality and inclusion shine through before and beyond 2032.

“From inclusion to sustainability, First Nations peoples to economic prosperity, this is a strategy with purpose and the outcomes and successes will elevate the strength of our communities and nation like never before.

“My thanks to Games Delivery Partners for supporting the development of the strategy to this starting point, and to the thousands who shaped the framework and will continue to contribute as elements of the strategy are delivered over the next two decades.”

Quote attributable to International Olympic Committee President, Thomas Bach

“With a vision to deliver an Olympic legacy that will begin already a decade before the Olympic Games, and that will last long after, Brisbane 2032 is set to help address the needs of the growing Queensland population, and beyond.

“These Olympic Games will not only be Games in Australia and for Australia, these will be Games for the whole Pacific region.”

Quote attributable to Australian Olympic Committee President Ian Chesterman AM

“The greatest legacy to flow from hosting the Olympics is a thriving sports system.

“Growing participation, nurturing coaches, encouraging volunteers and administrators as well as creating more sport services experts.

“These are critical outcomes that allow sport to contribute more broadly to a happier and healthier Queensland, Australia and our friends in Oceania.”

Quote attributable to Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson

“Our goal is to secure a positive legacy for our region from our involvement as a key delivery partner in the Brisbane 2032 Games. This strategy is an important step in achieving positive outcomes for the Sunshine Coast”, Mayor Jamieson said.

“I am particularly pleased with the commitment to a more connected and accessible South-East Queensland through the development of a transport and mobility strategy, which will prioritise improvements to the regions transport system.

“The Sunshine Coast’s Blue Heart initiative and our Mobility Mapping project, which improves accessibility for people with a disability in our region, are strongly featured in the Legacy Strategy and great examples of positive local projects that will be bigger and better because of the Games.

“Finally, I am proud of the collaboration that went into creating the Brisbane 2032 Legacy Strategy and thank everyone who completed the survey or attended the Legacy Forum from our community, particularly those from our Sunshine Coast — your commitment to our future is truly appreciated.”

Quote attributable to Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate

“It is a privilege to be a part of not only the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics but to be part of this program which will have so much impact on the SEQ region for the next 20 years.

“Improving the social and physical wellbeing of residents and communities is fantastic.

“Through built-infrastructure and community-based programs, we can deliver a better Gold Coast and a more connected SEQ region.”

Posted: 10 November 2023