Adam Kellerman

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Quick Facts

Limited use of right leg
How acquired
Date of Birth
Thu, 26/07/1990
St Ives, NSW
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
His mother and father
Career Highlights
2010 World Team Cup, Turkey
Greatest Moment
World Team Cup singles match against Thailand


Wheelchair tennis star Adam Kellerman is one of the great stories of unerring determination and will to succeed. Having recovered from cancer and a severe infection in his leg, Adam is now the second ranked wheelchair tennis player in Australia and stands ready to enter his first Paralympic Games at London 2012.

At the age of 12, Adam started experiencing pain in his right leg and, as time wore on, the pain grew worse. In 2003, he had a scan which confirmed he had a tumour in his right hip. Adam soon commenced chemotherapy, which was an incredibly difficult period for the teenager and his family. Post surgery, he developed an infection in his hip bone that lasted longer than the cancer itself. It eventually resulted in the removal of his right hip.

During this difficult period, Adam developed depression which lasted for two years until he found wheelchair tennis at the age of 16. It gave Adam confidence, making him feel alive again and excited about the possibilities that lay in front of him. After overcoming the initial challenge of moving the wheelchair, he has gone from strength to strength.

With the support of his parents, Adam made it onto the Australian men’s team in 2009 and is now the 29th ranked player in the world. His career highlight played out at the 2010 World Team Cup in Turkey, where he won every match without dropping a set.

Adam is coached by Mick Connell at his training base at the University of Arizona in the US. He has since recovered from a long term shoulder injury sustained in 2010 and is back trying to achieve his goal of one day being the number one player in the world.

Sport & Disciplines

Sport: Wheelchair Tennis
Disciplines: Singles
Classification: Open
Sport: Wheelchair Tennis
Disciplines: Doubles
Classification: Open