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Sports Summary

The precision sport of Archery has been part of the Paralympic program since 1960 and is open to all male and female athletes with a physical disability. Competition depends entirely on the athletes’ ability and the rules and scoring are exactly the same as for non-disabled athletes.

The governing body is the IPC through the International Paralympic Archery Committee, which follows the rules of FITA (International Archery Federation). There are both individual and team events for standing and wheelchair athletes with participation from athletes from 37 countries.


The goal of Archery is to shoot arrows accurately at a 122-cm diameter target, 70 metres away. There are individual and team events.

Archery competitions are in the form of mens and womens individual and team FITA Olympic Rounds.


ARW1 - Athletes with limited function in lower and upper limbs, and usually trunk eg those with high level spinal cord injuries, or high multiple limb amputations.

ARW2 - Athletes with significantly limited lower limb function with little or no upper limb impairment eg athletes with paraplegia, diplegia or double leg amputation below the knee.

ARST- Athletes with minimum impairment who compete standing or from a chair.

Rules & Equipment

Archery equipment is based on two single components: the bow and the arrow. Although there are different types of bows, only the recurve bow is permitted at Paralympic competitions - also called classic bow. The arrow in the classic bow events can travel in excess of 150 miles per hour. They are made of either aluminium or carbon graphite. Aluminium arrows are more uniform in weight and shape, while graphite arrows fly faster.

The target is 122cm in diameter, and is divided into 10 concentric rings with a golden "bull’s-eye" or centre ring. The scores associated with each ring increase from one point for the outer ring to 10 points for hitting the centre ring.

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