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Leading Australian Paralympic sport expertise will be on show later this month at the 14th International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) Global Coaching Conference (GCC) in Singapore.

Paralympics Australia’s Performance Insights & Innovation Lead Dr Ross Pinder and colleague Alex Jago, PA’s Coach Development Advisor, will both present at the conference and will address the theme “Coaching for a Better Tomorrow.”

The ICCE GCC brings together a diverse range of world-leading professionals, including coaches, coach developers, researchers, sport scientists, technical directors, and sport administrators, to address crucial issues in coaching, share experiences, and learn about cutting-edge coaching research.

Pinder will deliver a keynote address, exploring solution-focused mindsets in complex domains with diverse populations, emphasising the potential for big creative shifts in coaching practice.

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“It is a really exciting opportunity to showcase Paralympic sport and the work we have been able to lead here in Australia.” Pinder said.

“It shows that Paralympic sport is such a rich environment for innovation for coach development. It shouldn’t be an ‘add-on’ or an afterthought in terms of coach development globally. Paralympic sport can lead and can challenge what we’re currently doing and provide us new ideas and areas to explore across all areas of the sporting pathway.

“For people who don’t work in Para-sport, I hope to showcase some of the incredible work from our applied research programs, and demonstrate how people can embrace those at the fringes and at the edges of their sport to innovate and benefit everyone.

“We know regardless of whether we are in the Olympic or Paralympic landscape, our current development pathways and our resources are often designed based on an assumption of linear trajectories, and don’t necessarily suit the non-linear and individual development of coaches and athletes, particularly those we see in Para-sport.”

“By purposefully putting ourselves in those more challenging spaces, we’re going to develop more creative, more robust systems for everyone, regardless of whether they have an impairment or not.”

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In addition to his keynote address, Pinder will participate in a symposium with his colleague from PA’s Performance Strategy team Alex Jago. They will present in collaboration with the AIS High Performance Coach development team with Bill Davoren and Michelle De Highden, and Claire Lambe, in which they share insights into innovation and collaboration within the Australian sporting system.

Jago said he was looking forward to representing Paralympics Australia and Para-sport, and acknowledged the coaches who have allowed PA to enter their environments.

“This is an acknowledgement of the work that’s been done by Paralympics Australia’s Performance Insights and Innovation team, led by Ross who has been embedded in sport and has built relationships through a strong skill set and the way that he goes about it.” Jago said.

“This is world-leading work, we are doing things differently. We’re challenging the mould of traditional coach education and development, and we’re thrilled to be working with closely with the AIS in those spaces and engaging coaches to co-design their learning.

“There is a lot of connectedness that we don’t always stop, pause and acknowledge. But there is a connected thread through everything we do, and if we continue to explore and lead with collaboration, you can find these pieces of gold that actually connect the whole of the Australian sport system.”

Bill Davoren, AIS High Performance Coach Development Manager, said this work between the AIS and Paralympics Australia was a meaningful example of purposeful collaboration and innovation in action.

“Having a united HP2032+ Sport Strategy unlocks opportunities like this partnership between the AIS and Paralympics Australia to work together towards shared outcomes and to recognise and strengthen collaboration,” Davoren said.

“Members of the AIS High Performance Coach Development Team and Paralympics Australia will highlight the emergence of themes and programs within the High Performance Coaching Landscape.

“The focus of the symposium session is to share case studies of how learner-centred, social, experiential learning opportunities have been developed and enhanced through collaboration and innovation.”
The 14th GCC will be in Singapore from 29th November to 3rd December 2023.

By: David Sygall, Paralympics Australia
Posted: 28 November 2023