VI Request for Classification

Classification is an assessment process, grouping athletes whose impairment causes similar limitations in a particular sport in order to allow for fair competition. Classification is not required for recreation or social involvement in Para-sport.

If you have a vision impairment (VI) and would like to start the process to getting a VI classification, please complete our VI request for Classification form below. 

If you are having difficulty completing this form, please contact our Classification team.

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There are 2 levels of classification for athletes in Australia.

  1. Provisional Level Classification – An athlete may generally participate in School Sport, Regional or State Competitions with a Provisional Level Classification. The process requires athletes to have their eye care professional complete paperwork to provide information about the athlete and their vision loss.
  2. National Level Classification – An athlete who is planning to compete at a National Championship for their sport or where it is a requirement of an upcoming event, will generally be required to complete a National level (face to face) classification.
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Athlete details and Consent

Athlete Personal Details
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I wish to receive a classification for the following sports (tick those that apply)*

Evaluation Consent Form

I acknowledge the following:

  1. I understand that this athlete evaluation process if for purpose of Australian domestic competition only. International level competition requires and international classification.
  2. My consent covers the period from the point of signing this form through to completion of the provisional or national level classification process, whichever applies to me.
  3. I understand that this process may require me to participate in sport-like exercises or other physical activities. I understand that there is a risk of injury in participating in such exercises and activities. I confirm that I am healthy enough to participate.
  4. I understand and agree to provide medical diagnostic documentation to enable PA to determine whether I comply with the classification eligibility requirements outlined in the relevant NSO/NSOD Classification Rules.
  5. I understand that if I fail to comply with any request made by PA and/or the relevant NSO/NSOD for the purposes of allocating to me a sport class then the process may be suspended without a class being allocated to me and therefore I may not be allowed to compete until a class is allocated to me.
  6. I understand that classification requires me to give a truthful representation and demonstration of my skills, abilities and the degree and nature of my impairment. I understand that any intentional misrepresentation of my skills, abilities, nature or the degree of my impairment during or following the classification by me or my representative may result in me and/or my representative facing disciplinary action by PA and/or the relevant NSO/NSOD.
  7. I understand that classification is a judgment process. I agree to abide by the judgment of PA and/ or the relevant NSO/NSOD. If I do not agree with the decision of the classification panel, I agree to abide by the process outlined in the relevant NSO/NSOD Classification Rules.
  8. I, and my representative, agree to be videotaped, audio recorded and/or photographed during the Athlete Evaluation process by VI classifiers or other appointed officials and that this may include my activity on and off the field of play during competition. I understand and acknowledge that any other photography, audio, or visual recording of the classification process by me or my representative is strictly prohibited.
  9. I agree to advise PA should I have any change in impairment or medical intervention that may impact the class allocated to me following classification through the Medical Review process. I understand that failure to do so may be considered Intentional Misrepresentation.
  10. I agree and consent to PA and the NSO/NSOD‘s of the sports I nominate to collect, process and store my personal and classification data in any format for the sole purposes of classification, including my personal information, my sport class, sport class status, classification assessment documentation (including any videos or photographs) and medical documentation.
  11. I understand that my classification data may be transferred to the relevant NSO/NSOD medical personnel, if upon review of medical diagnostic information or throughout the athlete evaluation process, it is considered that my medical condition or the condition of others could be at risk if I participate in that Para-Sport.
  12. Upon completion of classification, I understand and agree that:
    • My classification data will be stored confidentially on each NSO/NSOD owned or contracted server I have requested a classification for.
    • Relevant information about my classification may be shared with third parties for purposes of classification and to facilitate my participation in competitions (including PA or NSO/NSOD classifiers and classification personnel, Paralympics Australia, the relevant IF and the IPC).
    • My name, year of birth, sex, state, sport class, and sport class status will be published by each NSO/NSOD as a part of the NSO/NSOD Classification Masterlist on the NSO/NSOD website and shared with third parties such as competition organisers.
    • My personal data will not be used in any other way to which I provide express consent. It will not be kept beyond the purposes it is required, unless it is anonymised and/or there is a legal purpose for retaining it. It will be deleted when it is no longer required for classification purposes.
  13. I understand that I have the following rights during classification:

    The right to withdraw
    My participation in the classification process is voluntary and I have the right to withdraw from the classification process at any time. I understand that if I withdraw from the classification process I will not be able to be classified and may no longer have a recognised sport class for NSO/NSOD competition.

    The right to safety
    I have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and be protected from bullying, discrimination, harassment or abuse.

    The right to challenge a classification decision or process
    The process for disputing any decision or process will follow the procedures outlined in the NSO/ NSOD Classification Rules.

    The right to my personal classification data
    I understand I have the right to access any classification data held by PA or the relevant NSO/NSOD. I have the right to request correction or deletion of the classification data held. I understand that deletion of my classification data will mean I no longer have a recognised sport class and will be unable to compete in that Para-Sport. Questions related to the use of my personal classification data can be directed to PA or the relevant NSO/NSOD Data protection officer.
  14. Release of claims
    I agree to waive my rights to make any claim against the classifiers, PA or anyone who might then claim against the classifiers or PA, for indemnification for any damages or claims of personal injury or any other claim arising from or in any way related to my classification procedure. I agree to fully indemnify PA and the classifiers should any claim be made against them in any way related to my classification.

Athlete Consent Declaration

DD slash MM slash YYYY

Athlete Representative Consent Declaration

I understand the provisions of this Consent Form as they apply to me and to Athlete for whom I am the representative and I personally consent to abide by such provisions as a representative. If the athlete is under 18 or I am the athlete’s legal guardian, my consent is also on behalf of the athlete themselves.

DD slash MM slash YYYY

Once received, a staff member from Paralympics Australia will be in touch to follow up with you and provide information on how to obtain a classification.