Sports Summary

Para-taekwondo makes its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

At the Paralympic Games, Para-taekwondo is open to athletes with a physical, impairment. Athletes compete in the Kyorugi (sparring) discipline. Players compete in male and female competition.

The World Taekwondo Federation also provides competition opportunities in Poomsae (martial arts form) for athletes with a vision and intellectual impairment.

For more information on Para-taekwondo Eligibility and How to Get Involved please see the Para-taekwondo Information Sheet (PDF – 134KB) – updated May 2024.

Events & Disciplines

Kyorugi  (K – sparring)

  • Male K44/43*  Under 61kg, 75kg, Over 75kg
  • Female K44/43*  Under 49kg, 58kg, Over 58kg

* K44 medal events are open to K43 athletes of the same weight category.


At the Paralympic Games, Para-taekwondo is open to athletes with a physical impairment. World Taekwondo also provide competition opportunities for athletes with a vision or intellectual impairment.  Athletes are required to submit medical reports and meet the minimum impairment criteria in order to compete. Eligibility is determined by trained Classifiers.

For more information on Eligible Impairments and Classification please see the Para-taekwondo Information Sheet (PDF – 129KB) – updated June 2022.

Rules & Equipment

Contest Area:

The Competition Area is composed of a Contest Area and a Safety Area. The Contest Area and Safety Area shall have a flat surface without any obstructing projections and be covered with a World Taekwondo (WT) recognized mat elastic and non-slippery mat. The size shall be no smaller than 10mx10m and no larger than 12m x 12m.  At the centre of the Competition Area shall be the octagonal-shape Contest Area. The Contest Area shall measure approximately 8m in diameter, and each side of the octagon shall have a length of   approximately 3.3m. The Outer Line of the Safety Area shall be inclined at a gradient of less than 30 degrees, for the safety of the contestants.  The Contest Area and the Safety Area shall be different colours, as specified in the relevant competition’s Technical Manual

Duration of the Contest:

Depending on the event, tournament organizers will determine the competition format.


Contest score shall be the sum of points of the three (3) rounds or the final score at the end of the round in the case one round system duration of contest is used. In Kyorugi, foot techniques are the only valid scoring technique. Point(s) shall be awarded when a scoring technique is delivered to the scoring areas of the trunk with power and accuracy.

Personal Protective Equipment:

A contestant shall wear a WT approved uniform or dobok, groin guard, shin guards, forearm guards, hand protector (if applicable), sensor socks and mouth guard before entering the Field of Play. Para-taekwondo athletes may use additional and personalized protective equipment based on the prior approval of WT.

Medal History

Year Gold Silver Bronze total
2020 0 0 1 1


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