Becoming a classifier

To be eligible to commence training as a classifier, individuals must meet the following prerequisites:

Medical classifiers must be currently registered medical professional (physiotherapist or medical doctor) with minimum 5 years’ clinical experience with people with physical disabilities OR currently registered ophthalmic professional (orthoptist or ophthalmologist) with minimum 5 years’ clinical experience with people with low vision and based in one of the major Low Vision Centres in Australia.

Technical classifiers must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in sport science, kinesiology, human movement science or an equivalent, as well as sport-specific qualifications including coaching or study.

All classifiers must have a strong understanding of their sport, and the endorsement of their sport’s State or National Sporting Organisation.

Classification for athletes with a physical impairment is sport specific.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a classifier, please contact the National Sporting Organisation of your preferred sport.

The training and management of classifiers for athletes with a vision impairment is the responsibility of Paralympics Australia. To register your interest, please contact Paralympics Australia via email.