Becoming a Classifier

To be eligible to commence training as a classifier, individuals must meet the following prerequisites:

Medical classifiers: Currently registered medical professional (physiotherapist or medical doctor); with minimum 5 years clinical experience with people with physical disabilities. OR; Currently registered Ophthalmic professional (Orthoptist, Ophthalmologist) with minimum 5 years clinical experience with people with low vision. Individuals must be based in one of the major Low Vision Centres in Australia.

Technical classifiers: Must hold a Bachelor or Master degree in sport science/ kinesiology / human movement science or other equivalent; as well as hold additional sports specific qualifications including coaching or sport specific study.

All individuals must have a strong understanding  of their particular sport. To be eligible for classifier training, individuals must have the endorsement of the state or national sporting organisation.  A summary of the Classifier Education Pathway is attached at the bottom of this page. Interested individuals should contact the relevant sport organisation for more information, contact details are available on the Paralympics Australia Summer and Winter sports pages.