Born without her fibula, Sarah Walsh was just 18-months old when her parents made the decision to have her left leg amputated. Running on her prosthetic leg within a week of it being fitted, it was a tell-tale sign that she was a Paralympic athlete in the making. Sarah participated in swimming and gymnastics before discovering Para-sport at the age of nine, ahead of her first school athletics carnival. Her PE teacher noticed that her results were comparable to those of her able-bodied classmates and she was encouraged to enter the Zone Athletics Carnival. After that, she was hooked. That same year, Sarah raced at the 2007 NSW State Championships, after which she was selected to represent her state at a national level. Over the next couple of years, her passion for sprinting grew, and when she was gifted her first running blade, Sarah promised herself that she would become… Read More

Quick Facts

Physical Impairment – Right below-knee limb loss
How acquired
Amputation as a result of fibula deficiency
Date of Birth
July 14, 1998
Engadine, NSW
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Games Experience

Rio 2016


Her parents

Career Highlights

Winning silver in long jump at the 2014 Sainsbury’s International Match in Glasgow

Greatest Moment

Representing Australia at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Sports & Disciplines

  • Sport: Athletics Disciplines: Long Jump Classification: T44