Quick Facts

Vision Impairment – Rod monochromatism
How acquired
Date of Birth
March 3, 1991
Fairfield, QLD
Education mentor
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Games Experience

Rio 2016

Career Highlights

Winning several national titles

Greatest Moment

France winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup


Born and raised in the regional town of Hervey Bay in Queensland, Raissa Martin wasn’t exposed to opportunities in Para-sport until moving to Brisbane in 2012. Instead she channelled her love of sport into athletics, competing against able-bodied athletes for nearly a decade.

Raissa began playing goalball recreationally when she relocated to Brisbane for work and study. However, she fell so in love with the high-intensity sport she ended up joining the Queensland side, winning several national titles and ultimately achieving selection for the Australian team.

A dream of hers since she first started competing in athletics as a 10-year-old, Raissa made her Paralympic debut at the Rio Games following Russia’s ban due to widespread doping. There the Aussie Belles tied 2-2 in their match against the Ukraine, placing fifth behind Turkey, China, Canada and the Ukraine.

The Fairfield local is inspired in training by teammate and captain Meica Horsburgh for the work she puts into becoming the best athlete she can be. Raissa also admires English actress Emma Watson’s commitment to women’s rights.

She is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Queensland and is employed as an education mentor at Aid for the Blind. There she teaches visually impaired students to touch-type.

In her spare time Raissa enjoys attending live music gigs and festivals, fishing, hiking, baking and reading classic novels.

Sports & Disciplines

  • Sport: Goalball Classification: B3