Insurance and Care NSW (icare) and Paralympics Australia are proud to announce their partnership has been extended for a further three years, ensuring NSW workplaces continue to benefit from unique opportunities for support and mentoring from Australian Paralympic athletes.

icare’s Paralympian Speakers Program is now in its fourth year and is continuing to gain popularity across a range of industry groups. Speakers deliver tailored presentations focussing on the importance of workplace health and safety, sharing personal stories of their own workplace or motor vehicle accidents.

“Our Paralympians are incredible role models, and as mentors and educators, their powerful experiences and achievements offer hope to those who need it most, while shining a light on the significant contribution that severely injured people can make in our communities,” said icare Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director John Nagle.

Brett Stibners, or “Sticky” to his friends, is an Australian wheelchair basketball player who has represented Australia at three Paralympic Games and is now going for his fourth in Tokyo, Japan, next year. At the age of 21, Stibners was in a car accident when he was driving between jobs as an apprentice electrician and fell asleep at the wheel. The accident resulted in his leg being amputated above the knee.

“I just ignored the early warning signs of fatigue, drowsiness, oversteering, boredom, and eventually I had a microsleep,” Stibners said. “I was 21 years old – you think you’re invincible. I was in hospital for about three and a half months. I found it very difficult to be a normal person again as everything has been taken away.”

Paralympics Australia Chief Executive Officer Lynne Anderson said the program offered a unique opportunity for some of Australia’s Paralympians to share their journey from accident to recovery in a meaningful way.

“icare is a long-standing and valued partner of Paralympics Australia, and we are thrilled to have their continued support through Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022,” Anderson said.

“icare’s values and goals align neatly with those of our Paralympians, and we’re looking forward to making an even bigger impact in the workplace health and safety space together.”

“icare’s mission is to provide the best care and support to our injured workers and road users. To have the support of Paralympic athletes is immensely valuable in helping to prevent workplace accidents and making safety a priority at work and on the road,” Nagle added.

By Paralympics Australia and icare
Posted: 12/07/2019
Photo with thanks to MSSP Michael Schwartz, Uli Gasper