At Paralympics Australia, Our Squad are champions at adapting.  Adapting to changing circumstances is in our DNA. 

Developed by Paralympics Australia, the #AUSAdapts ‘I CAN’ challenge​ starts on Monday 20 April across our digital channels.

Is there a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, a book you’ve been waiting to read, or do you want to commit to ‘find your 30’ each day?

Whatever your goal, let’s make the time to turn that I CAN’T into an I CAN… together!

1. Think about something you’re good at and enjoy.

2. Think about something you haven’t mastered yet.

3. Now, set yourself a goal to turn that CAN’T into a CAN e.g. skipping from 5min, perfecting a recipe, reading a book, walking for 5min each day.

4. Snap a pic or video of your progress and tag @ausparalympics (or post it to our Facebook page)  and use #AUSAdapts.

Join us on our #AUSAdapts challenge and let’s show the world how #AUSAdapts!

Thanks to our Team Psychologist, Lyndel Abbott for letting us share these handy tips for staying mentally fit, created in her role with the NRL:

Tips on staying mentally fit

  • Snap a photo, video or boomerang of you participating in our #AUSAdapts challenge.
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Tag @AUSParalympics (or post to our Facebook page) and use #AUSAdapts in the post or on your story.

Remember to always be responsible and use common sense when using social media. Whenever you are unsure as to whether or not the content you wish to share is appropriate, seek
advice from others before doing so or refrain from sharing the content to be on the safe side.​

Try ‘Sock Boccia’ – fun for the whole family!