Stuart Jones acquired his injury in a motor vehicle accident while he was riding his bicycle to work. He suffered a fractured skull, two fractured vertebrae in his spine and torn tendons in his hand. Doctors initially feared the injury to his skull could claim his life.

In subsequent surgery to repair his spine, it was discovered that Stuart had no movement down the right side of his body. He was told he would require a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Despite this advice, he defied the odds. Using a special stationary bike, he began to regain movement in his knees. Within a few weeks he was using a standing frame, then a walking frame and then a walking stick. Stuart’s resilience and determination to walk again can be traced back to his time spent in the Australian Army and the values that were instilled in him.

While …

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Date of birth
2 July 1969
Past Paralympic Games

Tokyo 2020

Physical Impairment – Incomplete quadriplegia
How acquired
Cycling accident
Harris Park, NSW
Athlete, hoping to become a solicitor after the Tokyo Paralympics
Started competing
First competed for Australia
Sport career highlights

Silver at the 2019 World Championships

Greatest sporting moments

His first international competition and wearing the green and gold

Heroes/role models

His grandfather

Favourite quote
'The Royal Australian Infantry Corps motto - ‘Duty and Honour’ and 'It is what it is'


  • Sport: Para-cycling Classification: T2

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