Jenna Jones was targeting this August’s Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to make her Paralympic debut, but that dream came four years early when she qualified for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Diagnosed with cone-rod dystrophy – a degenerative vision impairment – as a six-year-old, Jenna always felt safest in the pool. And as luck – or nature, perhaps – would have it, Para-swimming was also the sport in which she found her competitive edge.

In 2014, Jenna competed at her first Australian Swimming Championships, and at just 13, her expectations were low. Those expectations were misplaced, however, and with three A-finals and two B-finals apperances, and 11 Australian age records, Jenna was well on her way to an international debut.

Ordinarily, that debut would come at a Pan Pacific Para-swimming or World Championships – but Jenna is far from ordinary. Instead, her first Australian cap came at the pinnacle event …

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Date of birth
19 January 2001
Past Paralympic Games

Rio 2016

Vision Impairment – Cone-rod dystrophy
How acquired
Faulconbridge, NSW
Started competing
First competed for Australia
Sport career highlights

Representing Australia at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Greatest sporting moments

Competing at the 2014 Australian Swimming Championships

Heroes/role models
Favourite quote
I can't change my disability, so I may as well embrace it


  • Sport: Para-swimming Discipline: 50m freestyle Classification: S12
  • Sport: Para-swimming Discipline: 100m breastroke Classification: SB12
  • Sport: Para-swimming Discipline: 100m freestyle Classification: S12
  • Sport: Para-swimming Discipline: 200m individual medley Classification: SM12
  • Sport: Para-swimming Discipline: 4x100m freestyle Classification: S12

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