With one day to go until the World Para-swimming Championships, all eyes are locked on our team as we transition from wearing navy blue in Manchester to the green and gold in London.

The green and gold has a clear presence around the pool deck, and stands out to even the vision-impaired athletes.

Our warm weather camp in Cairns earlier this year has paid off, as the climate within the warm-up pool is more tropical than typical England. We have prepared well for these situations.

The pool in London brings back memories to many of our team members of their success during the London Paralympics seven years earlier.

Dolphins leader Blake Cochrane said – while walking into his first session on Friday – that he remembered how the temporary stands were situated around the complex the last time he was here.

London is now set to make a new wave of memories for our team, and especially for our nine rookies.

For myself, and many other Dolphins, it has been four years since we have competed at a World Championships, ever since the cancellation of the 2017 event in Mexico City due to the devastating earthquakes.

I think I can speak on behalf of the rest of my team in saying that excitement – and nerves – are brewing within all of us from our very first steps into the London Aquatics Centre after seeing the competition pool and the [Para-swimmers from] other nations walking along pool deck.

It is these emotions and feelings that our team lives, trains, turns and dives for. Racing is our bread and butter, our vegemite and toast, and our cap and goggles.

Bring on London 2019.

By Braedan Jason, Swimming Australia
Posted: 07/09/2019