The gold, silver and bronze medals to be presented at over 200 medal ceremonies at the 2019 International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) Global Games were revealed at the Royal Australian Mint today (25 September).

The medals were designed by Royal Australian Mint coin designer Bronwyn King, who was briefed on the origin of the Games and its increasing popularity for elite athletes with an intellectual impairment.

The Chief Executive Officer of the 2019 Global Games, Robyn Smith, said King was provided with key themes to feature in the creative design including Australia, resilience and inclusion.

“Bronwyn’s inspiration was derived from Australia’s floral icon, the gum blossom.  In times of drought, insect plagues, floods and even the intensity of the harsh Aussie sun, the gum blossom is resilient and strong, with bright and colourful blooms.

“The gum blossom in all its glory represents our athletes, their strength and courage, and ability to overcome barriers to flourish against the odds.

“The close-up of the blossom design on the reverse of the medal depicts inclusion and the many hundreds of athletes coming to Brisbane, Australia, from all over the world to unite, compete and celebrate the INAS Global Games.

“This is a really significant and exciting occasion for athletes competing at GG2019 [the 2019 Global Games], as medals are symbolic and the ultimate goal that athletes aspire to win,” Smith said.

Queensland Premier and Minister for Trade Annastacia Palaszczuk commended King on the distinct and striking Australian design of the medals.

“The medals will be a tangible reward and lifetime reminder to those who receive them, of competing on the world stage at the INAS Global Games 2019 in Brisbane, Queensland,” Palaszczuk said.

“The Queensland Government is proud to be a sponsor of the Games and to welcome athletes from around the world to our great state.

“We look forward to our local team members going for gold against the world’s best.”

For the Royal Australian Mint, producing the medals for the Games continues its long-standing tradition of involvement with many of Australia’s greatest sporting events.

The Royal Australian Mint’s responsible Minister, the Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Housing, said: “We look forward to seeing these medals worn by the outstanding GG2019 athletes, and feel sure this reveal will provide them with further inspiration and determination as the Games draw closer.”

Paralympic swimmer Joshua Alford said he was excited to be one of the first athletes to see the medals for the Games, and is looking forward to competing in his home country.

A short video highlighting the journey of the medals from concept to creation is available here.

By the 2019 INAS Global Games
Posted: 25/09/2019
Photo with thanks to Quinn Rooney / Getty Images