Victoria Davies (Grade II), Zoe Vorenas (Grade IV) and Lisa Martin (Grade V) extended their winning streak on day two of the 2019 Sydney International Three-Day Event.

The competition is the first of the international qualifying events for Australia-based riders campaigning for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and the first qualifying event in the Oceania region that will count towards a team ranking on the Paralympic ranking list, allowing riders to attain their minimum eligibility score of 62%.

The winners of the individual competition were Davies and Celere on 67.01%, Vorenas and Neversfelde Kipling on 68.98% and Martin and In Time on 67.28%.

With two wins on the trot, Vorenas’ three-week-old partnership with Neversfelde Kipling is shaping up to give them a chance at selection to the 2020 Australian Paralympic Team.

“I have never competed him before,” Vorenas said. “So it was a situation to go in and see what he was like and have a little bit of fun. Today I got to play around in the ring, now that I know what he is like, and it has been really good.

“We have had some exciting results this competition so looking forward to the next one for sure.”

Once again, Grade II combination Victoria Davies and Lusitano stallion Celere finished the competition in first place with a beautiful test. In addition to being a competitive dressage mount, Celere is also a breeding stallion and has progeny on the ground both in Australia and Portugal.

“My mum and dad have been breeding PRE [pura raza española] Spanish horses since 1982 and are still heavily involved in the breed,” Davies said. “They just have magnificent temperaments, especially the stallions. They are very reliable and very with you all the time.

“They are great for me because I have so many medical issues. They are highly intelligent, and with my body I need something that is comfortable, and they are just like an armchair to ride.”

The competition continues tomorrow (28 April) with the freestyle test, commencing at 08:00 AEST in the Indoor Arena at Sydney International Equestrian Centre.

By Equestrian Australia
Posted: 27/04/2019