The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is proud to support marriage equality and will be encouraging the Australian public to vote ‘yes’ in the Federal Government’s Australian Marriage Law Survey taking place from this week.

APC President Glenn Tasker said it is important for the APC to take a stance and show their support in order to contribute to positive societal change.

“The core values of the Paralympic movement are courage, determination, inspiration and equality. Our organisation strongly believes in equality of opportunity for all, not just for some,” Tasker said.

“I am very proud that the APC Board believes in showing leadership on this subject, and we encourage anyone who has been touched by the power of Para-sport to come forward and show their support by voting ‘Yes’ too.”

By joining the ‘Yes’ campaign, the APC will sign the open letter to confirm its commitment to Australian Marriage Equality and will also change its logo until the final day postal votes are accepted.

Mr Tasker added: “Ultimately, it must always be a personal decision for Australians who are eligible to vote, and we wholeheartedly respect the freedom of each individual to vote however they choose, based on their own beliefs.”

APC Chief Executive Lynne Anderson said the Paralympic movement has always promoted inclusion by challenging the community’s attitudes and breaking down barriers.

“It has become more and more apparent how important the values of equality, diversity and inclusion are, not just in sport, but in society,” Anderson said.

“We understand there is still progress to be made in terms of changing attitudes, but we hope that the APC supporting marriage equality will send a strong message to the Australian community, and hope that we can make a meaningful impact.”

“We ask anyone who has been refused access to a right that others take for granted, to reflect on that situation in the lead up to the vote”.

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By APC Media

Posted: 14/9/2017