There could possibly not be a better marketing specialist in the game than Dylan Alcott. And let it be said he’s also one incredible professional tennis player, too.

The Melbourne native, who appears to have cornered the talent of persuasion, won the Australian Open quad singles title for a third consecutive year with a 6-2, 6-2 win over Andy Lapthorne of Great Britain.

And he defended the title in a first-ever holding of a wheelchair final on a Grand Slam centre court and with national TV coverage. He estimated about 5,000 were in attendance, of which he said he knows around 1,000 of those watching.

“It feels amazing to have the three-peat, which is what I wanted,” he said.

“But to play that on Rod Laver Arena – I’ve been a pretty strong campaigner for Paralympic sport, not for the reason of equality because I don’t care about that, but because I know the public knows it’s entertaining.

“I studied economics and supply-and-demand, and I kept saying to Tennis Australia, if you put me on Court 7 or 8 you’re going to be about 4,000 seats short. A lot of people are going to come watch and every corner of that stadium was full.”

As for the celebration of being able to win a Grand Slam title in his hometown — apparently the 1,000 he considers close and personal friends that came to the match were expecting something in return.

“I’m going to have about 1,000 beers and I literally know about 1,000 people who were there because I have the best support system,” he said.

“They’re all waiting for me to go buy them beers.”

By ITF Media

Posted: 30/1/2017