Four-time ITU World Paratriathlon champion Bill Chaffey led a hardy group of Paratriathletes at the first ITU World Paratriathlon event ever held outside of the World Championships this weekend.

In driving rain and wind that caused havoc and one metre choppy surf at Melbourne’s Elwood beach, Chaffey admitted he enjoyed the treacherous swim despite its challenges.

Chaffey led the field to continue his dominance in the Tri 1 class, finishing the 750m swim, 20km bike ride and 5km run in 1:07.01, almost 20 minutes in front of his nearest competitor.

“It was the toughest conditions I think I’ve ever raced in….before it started I thought it was colder than New Zealand (in 2012) and colder than London (2013),” said Chaffey.

“The swim was pretty rough…and it sorted a few people out… I enjoyed it though, the bouncing around out there in the water, it was good fun,” he said.

Other Elite winners included Glen Jarvis (Tri 2), Tony Scoleri (Tri 4), Justin Godfrey (Tri 5), Jonathan Goerlach (Tri 6), Debbie Wendt (Tri 3); Claire McLean ((Tri 4), Casey Hyde (Tri 6) while Paralympic gold medallist on the track Richard Coleman won the open Tri 1 division in an impressive Paratriathlon debut.

ITU World Paratriathlon Event (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run)

Elite Male Tri 1 (Sitting) B Chaffey 1:07.01.3 S Crowley 1:26.47.2 M Brumby 1:32.30.0
Tri 2 (Standing) G Jarvis 1:35.19.1 S Bramham 1:42.34.2 Tri 4 (Standing) T Scoleri 1:23.54.1 Tri 5 (Standing) J Godfrey 1:15.59.4 J Swift 1:18.08.5 R Mason 1:21.41.3
Tri 6 (Vision-impaired) J Goerlach 1:15.29.4 J McClure 1:16.28.3 R Daniel 1:17.20.1

Elite Female Tri 3 (Standing) D Wendt 1:43.59.0 Tri 4 (Standing) C McLean 1:23.54.1 S Pilbeam 1:31.45.2 Tri 6 (Vision-impaired) C Hyde 1:42.40.0

Open Male Tri 1 R Coleman 1:26.56.5 R Paterson 1:31.37.3 A Welsh 1:42.55.4

By Triathlon Australia

Posted 17/02/2014