Quick Facts

Physical Impairment – Fused ankle
How acquired
Horse riding accident
Scone, NSW
Dressage trainer and instructor
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia

Trainers Rozzie and Heath Ryan


Born in the horse capital of Australia into a family of Australian Stock Horse Breeders, successful international Dressage competitor and coach Lisa Martin has lived a life surrounded by horses for over 40 years.

Now a dressage trainer and instructor; Lisa grew up in Scone riding, and competing in eventing, polocrosse, showjumping, and dressage where she trained under Rozzie Ryan.

Aged 28, Lisa came off a young horse which resulted in her tibia splitting and crushing into the bottom of her foot. Just six weeks after the original injury, Lisa slipped and fell while her leg was still in a cast damaging her leg once again.

Initially Lisa was told that with the extent of her injuries, that i would be unlikely they could save her leg.
It took two years, and 20 operations for Lisa to learn to walk again with less than 15% movement in the joint after having her ankle fused, and Achilles tendon cut.

Focusing on training and competing after her injury, Lisa continued to compete in national and international Grand Prix events.

In 2007, 14 years after the fall, Lisa was approached at open competition in Hartpury, with an offer to get classified and compete in Para-equestrian as a Grade IV rider.

In 2016 Lisa chose to get classified after she was approached again, this time by Julia from Equestrian Australia asking if she would consider competing in Para events.

Seeing Para-equestrian evolve in Australia and grow internationally, Lisa saw an opportunity to represent Australia, and set a goal of riding in the Paralympic Games.

When she isn’t training or riding, Lisa loves fishing and travelling, and settling down to watch an Action movie and the odd Western.

In 10 years, Lisa hopes to be wiser, older and hopefully still ticking off things off her bucket list.

Sports & Disciplines

  • Sport: Equestrian Disciplines: Dressage - Individual championship Classification: Grade IV
  • Sport: Equestrian Disciplines: Dressage - Team championship Classification: Grade IV