Workplace Giving

Establish a simple precedent to encourage charitable giving by launching a workplace giving program in your office today!

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to regularly donate to charities such as Paralympics Australia through workplace payroll deductions.

Benefits of workplace giving:

  • Employee gifts are tax effective.
  • Employee donations are deducted from their pre-tax salary, therefore taxable income is reduced.
  • Workplace giving enables employees to give directly to a chosen charity each pay period.
  • Employees can give as much or as little as they want – there are no limits.
  • Employers can choose to provide a matching gift with the employee donation.
  • Workplace giving is an easy, automatic tax deduction for employees, without the need to keep track of receipts.
  • Based on the marginal tax rate of 32.5%, a $10 pre-tax donation will cost an employee $6.75 after the automatic tax deduction. The charity will still receive the full $10.

Why donate to Paralympics Australia?

  • Paralympics Australia is the principal sporting organisation in Australia for elite athletes with a disability.
  • Paralympics Australia is responsible for the preparation, selection and management of Australian Paralympic Teams for the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games and other international sporting competitions.
  • Paralympics Australia develops and nurtures Paralympic Sport in Australia and delivers community programs in the area of sport, education, classification and rehabilitation.
  • Paralympic athletes are elite athletes who are inspiring role models.
  • Paralympics Australia is a leader in Australian sport, and its programs connect Australians through Paralympic sport.
  • It is worthwhile to sponsor, support and donate to Paralympic sport.

Implementing workplace giving

  • Set up payroll and administration procedures for the program. Work to establish support from management and employees. Organise back-end issues in the payroll system, distribute program information and pledge forms.
  • Launch the program. Inform staff that Paralympics Australia is an option in the company’s workplace giving program and what steps they need to take to join.
  • Remember to share updates with employees about Paralympics Australia, through distribution of our newsletter or internal company updates.
  • A workplace giving program can be set up for your office directly through Paralympics Australia. For more information, contact Paralympics Australia at 02 9704 0500.

For more information on Workplace Giving, please refer to the Workplace Giving Information Sheet.

For any queries regarding Paralympics Australia Fundraising, please contact our Team:

Robert Fitzgerald – Fundraising Executive
P: (02) 9704 0513