What is the Select-a-Sport tool?

The Select-a-Sport tool will help you gain an understanding of which Para sports you may be eligible for depending on your impairment type. Not all impairments are eligible for each Para-sport and in the case of some sports, only one or a small number of impairment types are eligible to participate in that Para-sport.

Paralympic Sport groups athletes with similar impairments together to ensure that competion is equitable and fair. This process is called classification.

How do I use the Select-a-Sport tool?

First select the category below which best describes your impairment type. From here you need to follow the prompts until you are presented with a list of Para-sports which you may be eligible to participate in.

You can continue to click on the para-sport to find out further information about rules, classification and details of athletes who currently compete for Australia.

What if a sport I’m interested in or my impairment isn’t shown in the selections?

The Select-a-Sport tool features only sports currently on the Paralympic program. Some Paralympic sports do not have a program in Australia and there are also a wide range of other non-Paralympic sports available within Australia for people with impairments. We recommend that you contact the National or State Federation for that sport to find out more.