What is Select-a-Sport?

Classification groups athletes with similar impairments as fairly as possible into categories for competition.

As not every impairment is represented across every Paralympic sport, Select-a-Sport will help you to discover which sports you may be eligible to compete in.

How do I use Select-a-Sport?

First, select the category below which best describes your impairment type. From there, follow the prompts until you are presented with a list of potential Paralympic sports.

Click on a sport to find out more information, then register for one of the APC’s upcoming Para-sport Talent Search testing sessions here.

What if a sport that I am interested in or my impairment is not shown in the selections?

Select-a-Sport features sports that currently feature on the Paralympic program. Some Paralympic sports do not have a program in Australia and there are also a wide range of other non-Paralympic sports available in Australia for people with disabilities. We recommend you contact the national or state federation for that sport for more information.