Sailing Classification

What are the classifications?
Classes 1 – 7: Athletes with a physical disability or vision impairment are assessed on their functional ability and given a classification point ranging between 1 and 7. Points are given from 1 (maximum impairment) to 7 (minimum impairment) for the individual sailor. Sailors with a vision impairment are placed into one of three competition classes (3,5 or 7), based on their visual acuity and field of vision as per the IBSA assessment.

Boat Classes
Single-Person Keelboat (2.4mR): The sailor must meet minimal impairment criteria (classification points from 1 to 7).
Two-Person Keelboat (SKUD 18): One sailor shall be classified as TPA (Two-Person format Classification A). This sailor (the helmsperson) will have classification points 1 or 2. The second crew member shall be classified as TPB (Two Person System Classification B), which is defined as having at least minimal impairment (classification points 1-7).
Three-Person Keelboat (Sonar): To ensure the participation of athletes from all classes of disability, there is a maximum point count, which a crew of three persons must not exceed. The total crew is allowed a maximum of 14 points.

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