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Athletes within the following impairment groups may be eligible for Para-sport:

Impaired muscle power: spinal cord injury, spina bifida, transverse myelitis, sacral agenesis, spinal tumours, erbs palsy, muscular dystrophy.

Impaired passive range of movement: arthrogryposis, talipes equinovarus, joint fusions.

Limb deficiency or significant limb length difference: amputation from trauma, cancer, limb deficiency from birth.

Hypertonia, ataxia & athetosis: cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, MS, cerebellar ataxia, hereditary spastic paraparesis or other conditions where hypertonia (spasticity, rigidity or dystonia). ataxia or athetosis are present.

Vision impairment: albanism, retitis pigmentosa, macular dystrophy, rod cone dystrophy.

Intellectual impairment: IQ less than 75, acquired before the age of 18. Difficulties with school, interpersonal, communication or self are skills.

Prior to completing the form at the link below, please ensure you complete our select-a-sport survey to ensure you have a clear indication of your eligibility for Paralympic sport and details of which Paralympic sports you may be eligible for.

From time to time, the APC in collaboration with our sporting partners also deliver talent initiatives throughout the country. Future initiatives conducted by the APC or our sporting partners will be posted at this link once these are confirmed.

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