Privacy Policy

Paralympics Australia (PA) has created public policies relating to the way it deals with participants in its programs and individuals and organisations.

The PA policies are updated from time to time and should be obtained on this site or direct from PA to ensure currency.

Please see below to download the PA public policies.

P-OPP-001  PA Codes of Conduct set out the standards of behaviour which apply to those who represent PA in the roles of PA staff, athletes and Games Team staff.

P-OPP-002  PA Member Protection policy applies to representatives of PA and participants in PA activities and programs. Its purpose is to protect the health, safety and well-being of all people engaged in the activities of PA, including children. This policy sets out the processes to be followed in the event of a person who makes a complaint against any representative of PA.

Any questions or complaints under the Member Protection Policy should be addressed to Paralympics Australia’s Disciplinary Officer, Jim FitzSimons, by email to or by calling (02) 9704 0500.

P-OPP-003  The PA Privacy policy summarises how personal information is managed by PA. It complies with the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988. This policy applies to anyone about whom PA obtains personal information.

P-OPP-004  The PA Anti-doping policy complies with the requirements of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. It applies to all athletes and other members of PA programs, including PA teams.

P-OPP-005  The PA Equal Opportunity and anti-discrimination policy sets out PA’s commitment to providing opportunities for all Australian Paralympic athletes to prepare and compete in their sport free from discrimination and to create a working environment which is free from discrimination in any form.

P-OPP-006  The PA Website media distribution policy specifies how media outlets may use material from the PA’s website and the responsibility for any liability incurred from such use.

P-FR-001  PA recognises that sometimes donations are made in error and it does not seek to be the recipient of donations that are not willingly given. The Online donation refunds policy governs the conditions under which PA will refund donations and the processes to be followed.

P-OPP-009  Classification underpins all competition in Paralympic sport. The PA Classification policy sets out the position, roles and responsibilities of PA with regards to classification and creates a framework for processes and procedures for the managment of classification in Australia. The PA Classification Policy is supported by the PA’s Classification Standard: Athlete Evaluation, PA Classification Standard: Protests and Appeals, and the PA Classification Standard: Classifier Training and Certification.