Why does the APC fundraise?

Why do we fundraise?
While we receive financial support from the Australian Government, some State and Territory Governments, our corporate partners and sponsors, this does not cover all costs associated with supporting the Australian Paralympic Team and our ongoing sport and community programs.

Do we use professional fundraisers
Yes.  The Australian Paralympic Committee is a sporting organisation whose role is to support Australia’s Paralympic athletes and programs, and we simply do not have the capacity within our internal operations to conduct fundraising activities to the scale required.

Who do we use to undertake our professional fundraising?
APPCO Sports Group is a national business which provides fundraising services for a number of sporting organisations.

You can find out more about APPCO Sports Group here: http://www.appcogroup.com/

What should people expect from professional fundraisers working on behalf of the APC?
Agency contractors who conduct fundraising activities on behalf of the Australian Paralympic Committee must at all times be honest, professional and courteous.

We expect each fundraising contractor to be able to provide clear and factual information about the Australian Paralympic Committee, explain how the money raised is to be used and answer questions in an informed manner.

What can I do if I have a concern?
If at any time you have a concern about the way in which a fundraiser is operating, you should contact the Customer Service Hotline on 1300 365 440 or email us at fundraising@paralympic.org.au

We will address your concern as soon as we possibly can.

We take the rights of donors to the Australian Paralympic Committee very seriously.

Thank you
The Australian Paralympic Committee values each and every person who donates to our organisation. Without public support we are not able to do the work we do in support of Australia’s Paralympic athletes.  Thank you.