Hold a fundraiser

Want to raise money for Paralympics Australia but don’t know what to do?

This page will give you loads of ideas of how you can help support Paralympics Australia. From abseiling to zodiac evenings, pick an idea and run with it. The main thing is you have fun, raise money, and support Paralympics Australia’s programs and initiatives that enable people with a disability to participate in sport and compete at the Paralympic Games.

Hold Fundraiser

If you would like to speak to someone about fundraising for Paralympics Australia, please contact:

A-Z of fundraising



Scale the dizzy heights of a local landmark or office block.

Advertising booklet

Compile a local information booklet for distribution at libraries shops and businesses. Include info on local attractions. Make money with adverts and discount vouchers from local firms.


Organise a sponsored aerobathon with the help of gyms, leisure centres and sports shops.

Afternoon tea

Put the kettle on and get baking. Entertain guests with raffles, auctions, tombolas & live music.

Arts/crafts stall

Make necklaces, dried flower arrangements, stained glass mirrors, etc, to sell on a stall.

Art exhibition

Stage an exhibition for local artists. Charge entrance fee and commission.

As new sale

AKA posh jumble sale. Ask everyone you know for unwanted belongings & hold a sale evening.


Auction off original items, taking a percentage of sales, or auction services of people and businesses - anything from singing lessons to dinner for two.


Bad tie day

Charge your colleagues a dollar to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award the winner a prize!

Baked bean bath

Get sponsored to spend the day in a bath of baked beans. Charge friends to join you.

Balloon race

Sell balloons that are filled with helium; the purchasers' name and address are written on a tag fixed to the balloon. The balloon that travels the furthest wins a prize.


Add some music, a few games, and make it a whole day's event.


Hold a one-off evening or regular morning sessions.

Board game party

Invite friends over to play Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo and more. Charge entrance or game fee.

Book sale

Sell old books, collected from everyone you know. Book dealers may buy leftover stock.

Bungee jump

Raise funds by flying in the face of fear.


Cake stall

Hold a traditional cake stand at fetes or fairs. Check health and safety regulations.

Car wash

Wash cars at shopping centre or office car parks.

Carol concert

Host a festive concert for your community. Earn extra by selling minced pies & mulled wine.

Coconut shy

Easily arranged game for traditional fairs. All you need are a few coconuts and wooden balls.

Coffee morning

It's open house for the morning. Make extra with raffles, bring and buy sales and cake stalls.

Cricket match

Assemble a team and challenge your county team to a match. Charge spectators.



Barn dances, tea dances, disco dances, salsa dances - whatever rocks your boat.

Darts tournament

Challenge all the pub teams in the area to compete for cash prizes, or a barrel of beer.

Dinner and cabaret

Hire a popular and spacious restaurant. Entertain ticket holders with music, comedy & magic.

Dog show

Charge proud pet-owners to show off their pooches. Ask pet shops to sponsor the event.

Duck race

Sell numbered plastic ducks and launch them from a bridge. The duck to finish first wins.


Easter egg hunt

Edible hide and seek. Charge entry fee and ask confectioners to provide the eggs.

Eating marathon

Get sponsored to stuff your face with as many baked beans/grapes/pies etc as possible.


Get sponsored to shave them off - they grow back eventually!


Face painting

Get creative with face paints at fetes, fairs and children's parties.

Fancy dress

Jazz up your event with a fancy dress contest. Charge entrance fee.

Fashion show

Ask businesses to sponsor venue, outfits or catwalk. Charge admission and sales commission.

Film evening

Recreate an evening of vintage cinema by showing classic films and musicals.

Flower show

Always popular. Boost funds with competitions, advice corners & side stalls.

Football tournament

Schedule fixtures and charge teams to enter. Ask local businesses for prizes.

Fun day

Arrange games, music, competitions and stalls at a nearby hall or sports club.


Garage sale

Sell off all your unwanted belongings.

Garden party

Sell tickets or invite guests to make a donation.

Guess the???

Competitors guess how many sweets in the jar, a cake's weight, etc. The closest answer wins.


Halloween party

Another excuse to dress up and party. Charge entrance fees and raise money trick or treating.

Head shave

Sick of bad hair days? Go bald for charity.

Household sale

Sell off all your unwanted belongings.



Put a bounce into your summer fete with an inflatable fly wall, boxing ring or gladiator court.



Lock the boss in his office, set them a target and don’t release them until they reach it by calling all their contacts.

Jazz festival

Play your own brand of jazz, or stage a show for local musicians. Sell tickets and refreshments.

Jewellery making

Buy your own beads and get threading. Sell your products at markets and craft fairs.


Left-handed day

Try doing everything with your left hand for the day.



Get sponsored to run a traditional 26-mile race.

Mini Olympics/Paralympics

Invite everyone you know to compete in traditional & silly sports. Charge entry.

Music concert

Entertain the crowds with your own recital, or hire bands of musicians.


Nature trail

Offer guided walks to natural beauty spots.

New year resolutions

Get sponsored to stick to your new year's resolutions.


Office Olympics/Paralympics

Office chair race, paper ball throwing, fast typing, origami contest, pit your wit against your colleagues at these and many other office based events.

Open garden

Open your garden to visitors. Sell tickets, refreshments, plants and vegetables.

Outward bound

Go climbing, hiking, camping, etc, in preparation for your trip. Seek sponsorship.



Organise paintballing challenges at locally run centres. Players pay to enter.


Pick a venue, a date, a theme… and party on. Sell tickets and charge for extras like food.

Plant sale

Sell donated plants or rent out pitches to traders.

Play your cards right

Guess higher or lower 6 times running & win a prize.

Pub games night

Pub games night

Puppet show

Pull in the crowds with a traditional Punch & Judy show, or something more innovative.



If your local doesn't run a pub quiz, set one up. Test the regulars on pop, trivia or sport.


Raft race

Teams compete by building their rafts and racing over a set distance. Teams pay to compete.

Recipe book

Publish favourite recipes from local restaurants and chefs.


Fair game where player rolls a ball through a hole at the end of a bowling-type alley.


Fair game where player rolls a coin down a shute, aiming to land on a playing card.


Sale of Christmas gifts

Sell Christmas cards, wrapping, gifts, food and drink.


Free fall your way back to earth - for sponsorship.

Slimming contest

Arrange with local slimming clubs. Participants get sponsored $1 for every kilogram lost.

Sponsored silence

Mum's the word. Stay silent for as long as you can.

Sports competition

Whatever your game, organise a tournament. Sell tickets, and organise stalls, raffles, etc.

Stationary cycle

Don't fancy the map reading? Forget cycling the Nullarbor, but cover the same distance at the gym.


Get sponsored per length, mile, minute, hour…


Tabletop sale

Indoor variation on the car boot sale. Charge for table hire.

Talent competition

Discover Australia’s next big thing with your own talent show. Charge entry and offer prizes.

Ten-pin bowling

Bowling alleys often have special rates for big groups & charity evenings.

Treasure hunt

Sniffing out the clues, teams compete against each other to discover the 'hidden treasure'.

Tuck shop

Sell sweets, crisps, cake, drinks, etc, at a children's event.


Variety show

Comedians, magicians, singers, dancers & musicians all under one roof.

Vehicle rally

Well-organised car and bike shows are great crowd pullers and fantastic fundraisers.



Lead organised walks to historical spots and places of interest. Ghost walks are also popular.

Water sports

Let others splash out as you splash in. Teach water sports or get sponsored to take part.


A hair-raising experience for the boys. Get sponsored to wax your legs or chest.

Windscreen wash

Charge to wash windscreens at service and petrol stations. Ask permission first.

Wine and cheese

Ask supermarkets to donate the wine and cheese. Sell tickets, and produce to take away.

Wine tasting

Hold tasting sessions for wine companies. Charge commission on wine sold. Arrange a raffle.


Xmas hampers

Make up and sell your own Xmas hampers. Include food, drink, toys and gifts.


Yacht racing

Participate in organised events. Seek sponsorship from local clubs and businesses.


Zodiac evening

Invite a guest astrologer for a star-studded fundraiser. Charge for entry and horoscopes.