2016 Australian Paralympic athletes and officials

This page will be continuously updated with policies, the 2016 Athlete and Official Team Agreement, information about competition venues and the Team Handbook.

Medical Update

As you prepare to fly into Rio from Australia or a training base, here are some reminders to ensure good health upon arrival and some feedback from the Olympic Team medical staff: Medical Update August 2016

Security update

Please read below, a security update from 2016 Australian Paralympic Chef de Mission Kate McLoughlin.

Security Update – August 2016

Code of conduct

All Australian Paralympic Team members must agree to abide by the Athlete Code of Conduct set in the document at the below link.

APC Athlete and Official Code of Conduct 

APC Blackout Period

Read more about the Games Blackout Period here:APC Blackout Period Clarification

We’ve also had many questions regarding the Blackout Period. We’ve compiled this comprehensive document but should you have any other questions, please contact Chef de Mission Kate McLoughlin.  Games Blackout Period – August 2016

Competition schedule

Paralympic Session Competition Schedule 2.8


Representing your country

1.1 Team Uniform 1.2 Smoking and alcohol 
1.3 Attending other sports 

Team member protection

2.1 Member Protection Policy  2.2 Child protection 
2.3 Family communications and use of personal mobile phones  2.4 Use of Digital Cameras and Mobile Phone with Cameras 
2.5 Incident Reporting  2.6 Disciplinary hearings and appeals 
2.7 Communication of distressing news  2.8 Medical emergency response 
2.9 Grievance resolution 

Team operations

3.1 Team Travel  3.2 Classification 
3.3 Personal Belongings  3.4 Entering and Leaving the Games Accommodation 
3.5 Guest Pass and Access to Team Accommodation  3.6 Expense Claim 
3.7 Protest and Appeal Money  3.8 Property Damage 
3.9 Self – Drive Vehicles