Draws and Results

Paralympics Australia conducts promotions in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory. Paralympics Australia thanks all those who have purchased tickets for their support.

Congratulations to all our lucky winners! Names of winners from Raffle and Scratch & Win promotions that have been drawn are published below.


Scratch & Win  #9

Start date: 07/05/2018 Close date: 26/04/2019

Draw Date: 13/05/2019

Permit numbers NSW LTPS/18/22505 , ACT TP 18/00414, SA T18/359

Winner: Morgan Patrick (9GX9963X)

Scratch & Win  #8

Start date: 27/03/2017 Close date: 16/03/2018

Draw Date: 26/03/2018

Permit numbers NSW LTPS/17/11634 , ACT TP 17_00260.1, SA T17/238

Winner: Vanessa Lees (85723335)

Scratch & Win  #7

Start date: 16/11/2015 Close date: 01/11/2016

Draw Date: 15/11/2016

Permit numbers NSW LTPS/15/07504 , ACT TP 15/07480, SA T15/1676

Winner: Aleksander Stevanovski (7S79X696)

Scratch & Win  #6 

Start date: 02/02/2015 Close date: 20/01/2016

Draw Date: 29/01/2016

Permit numbers NSW LTPS/14/09374, ACT TP 14/03664, SA T14/1964, VIC 14/5649

Winner: Danae Roy (6Z843847)

Scratch & Win  #5

Start date: 03/02/2014 Close date: 19/01/2015

Draw Date: 29/01/2015

Permit numbers NSW LTPS/13/10186, ACT TP 13/04585, SA T13/2303, VIC 13/2982

Winner: Mark Zihrul (5Z7734X7)

Pin & Win – Pin Your Support #4

Start date: 14/01/2013 Close date: 19/12/2013

Draw Date: 10/01/2014

Permit numbers NSW LTPS/12/10556, ACT TP 12/04631, SA T12/2387, VIC 12/3106

Winner: Lachlan Butler (4Z784853)

Pin & Win – Pin Your Support #3

Start date: 16/01/2012 Close date: 11/01/2013

Draw Date: 16/01/2013

Permit numbers ACT TP 11/04525, SA T11/2382, VIC 11/2391, NSW LTPS/11/10764

Winner: Jason Gosling (3Z517351)

Pin & Win – Pin Your Support #2

Start date: 29/8/2011 Close date: 10/08/2012

Draw Date: 20/08/2012

Permit numbers ACT TP 11/02680.1, NSW LTPS/11/06666, VIC 11/1359, SA T11/1360

Winner: Rod McMaster (TZ261142)

Pin & Win – Pin Your Support
Start Date: 25/4/2011 Close Date: 18/4/2012
Draw Date: 27/04/2012
Permit Numbers: ACT TP 11/00977.1, NSW LTPS/11/01731, VIC 11/579, SA T11/613

Winner: Vincent Barry (1Z8498556)

The purchase of tickets in raffles, lotteries and trade promotions is not tax deductible. Purchasers who have any questions about deductibility are encouraged to seek independent tax advice.

For any queries regarding Paralympics Australia Promotions, please contact our Team:

E: fundraising@paralympic.org.au
P: (02) 9704 0500