Classifier Information

Information for Australian Classifiers
The Australian Paralympic Committee works in partnership with the National Federations for the sports to identify the needs for classifier training and development.
As a national classifier you should expect:
– To participate in a minimum of 1 state based classification day yearly as part of a classification panel.
– To act as part of a classification panel 1-2 times yearly at national events around Australia.
– Costs associated with interstate travel for classification will be met by the organisation hosting the classification day or event.


Classifier Resources
Classifier Post Event Report
To be completed by chief classifier following classification at an event.
Australian Observers Code of Conduct
To be completed when an observer/National Trainee Classifier is viewing a classification assessment.This document outlines requirements for both Observers and National Trainee Classifiers.
Classifier Expense Reimbursement Invoice
To be completed by classifiers where an expense reimbursement has been approved by the APC. This invoice must be accompanied by ATO Statement by a Supplier.

VI Classifier Resources

Commonly asked questions
Which class do I allocate if an athlete is borderline between two classes?
An athlete attends classification without appropriate attire, equipment or medical documentation, what should we do?
Our panel has found an athlete Not Eligible (NE) to compete, how do we manage this?
An athlete refuses to sign the classification sheet, what do we do?
I am a technical classifier; can I do any of the medical testing?
I am a classifier but also the manager, coach or physiotherapist for an athlete being classified?
Our panel has observed an athlete in competition who does not seem to fit the class they have been allocated. What should we do?

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