Australians were out in force at the 2019 World Para-athletics Grand Prix in Nottwil, Switzerland, this weekend (24-26 May).

Among the winners on day one of competition were Chad Perris in the men’s 100m T13 (11.00) and men’s 200m T13 (22.28), Madison de Rozario in the women’s 800m T53 (1:50.09) and Rosemary Little in the women’s 800m T33 (2:47.05). Commonwealth Games medallist Eliza Ault-Connell broke her own Oceania record in the women’s 800m T54 (1:45.08), finishing in fifth place.

Day two saw a tactical victory by de Rozario in the women’s 1500m T54, overcoming arch-rival Tatyana McFadden (USA). McFadden is the reigning Paralympic and world champion in the event, and jointly holds the world record with de Rozario.

Gold medals also went to Ault-Connell in the women’s 100m T54 (16.99), Perris in the men’s 100m T13 (11.02), Little in the women’s 100m T33 (23.40), Vanessa Low in the women’s long jump T61 (5.26m), Rheed McCracken in the men’s 100m T34 (15.75) and Sam McIntosh in the men’s 100m T52 (18.09).

On the final day of competition, Ault-Connell and de Rozario both notched Australian records – Ault-Connell in the women’s 400m T54 (53.37) and de Rozario in the women’s 5000m T53 (10:59.05)

Former world record holder Angie Ballard was also impressive with a quick 55.28 for second in the women’s 400m T53.

Further results
Day 1
Scott ReardonMen’s 100m T632nd
Rosemary LittleWomen’s 200m T332nd
Robyn LambirdWomen’s 200m T344th
Maya DoveWomen’s 200m T537th
Aimee FisherWomen’s 200m T5314th
Josh HoseMen’s 200m T524th
Sam CarterMen’s 200m T543rd
Luke BaileyMen’s 200m T5413th
Angie BallardWomen’s 800m T534th
Jemima MooreWomen’s 800m T5412th
Rheed McCrackenMen’s 800m T342nd
Richard ColmanMen’s 800m T538th
Jake LappinMen’s 800m T548th
Sam RizzoMen’s 800m T5431st
Day 2
Robyn LambirdWomen’s 100m T342nd
Angie BallardWomen’s 100m T532nd
Maya DoveWomen’s 100m T5311th
Josh HoseMen’s 100m T5210th
Luke BaileyMen’s 100m T5415th
Sam RizzoMen’s 100m T5421st
Scott ReardonMen’s 100m T632nd
Angie BallardWomen’s 1500m T536th
Eliza Ault-ConnellWomen’s 1500m T548th
Jemima MooreWomen’s 1500m T5413th
Sam RizzoMen’s 1500m T5424th
Jake LappinMen’s 1500m T5429th
Richard ColmanMen’s 1500m T5332nd
Day 3
Maya DoveWomen’s 400m T5314th
Eliza Ault-ConnellWomen’s 400m T544th
Aimee FisherWomen’s 400m T5427th
Sam McIntoshMen’s 400m T5210th
Josh HoseMen’s 400m T5211th
Richard ColmanMen’s 400m T535th
Sam CarterMen’s 400m T5413th
Jake LappinMen’s 400m T5415th
Sam RizzoMen’s 400m T5431st
Madison de RozarioWomen’s 5000m T533rd
Jake LappinMen’s 5000m T5423rd

By Athletics Australia
Posted: 30/05/2019

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