When Amanda Reynolds participated in the Murray Marathon Challenge with a friend in 2012, never did she think she would catch the “paddle bug” and embark on a career in Para-canoe, let alone win silver at a Paralympic Games.

Paddling 404km over five days, the then 41-year-old discovered a love for the water and a passion for pushing her own boundaries. As a result, she joined the Sherbrooke Knox Canoe Club in Melbourne and 12 months later made her international debut at the 2014 ICF Paracanoe Sprint World Championships in Moscow, where she won bronze.

At the World Championships in Milan the following year, Amanda won her first world title and in doing so, secured a spot in the 2016 Australian Paralympic Team.

In preparation for the Games, she split her time between her home in Melbourne and Varsity Lakes, where coach Andrea King is based. She also worked with …

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Date of birth
7 October 1971
Past Paralympic Games

Rio 2016

Physical Impairment – Left through knee limb loss
How acquired
Amputation due to complex regional pain syndrome
Varisty Lakes, QLD
Sports therapist and equine masseuse
Started competing
First competed for Australia
Greatest sporting moments

Winning her first world title at the 2015 Para-canoe Sprint World Championships in Milan

Heroes/role models

Dawn Fraser

Best World Rank



  • Sport: Para-canoe Discipline: 200m sprint Classification: KL3

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