RTP & Whereabouts Information

Registered Testing Pool

ASADA maintains a Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and a Domestic Testing Pool (DTP) to effectively implement, coordinate, administer, monitor and enforce doping control measures.  When an athlete is selected to be part of one or both pools, they are informed by ASADA or their sporting organisation.

Athletes in ASADA’s RTP and DTP, in addition to any other athletes who meet ASADA’s definition of an ‘athlete’ may be subject to both in- and out-of-competition sample collection.


Retirement and Reinstatement

Athletes must inform their National Federation (NF) of their decision to retire immediately.  The NF is responsible for informing ASADA of the athlete’s retirement.  If the athlete is part of a RTP or DTP, they must complete an ASADA Retirement Notification form.

Most sports require a minimum of six months between the athlete’s retirement date and application for reinstatement.  Athletes wishing to return to their chosen sport must follow their National Federation’s and International Federation’s reinstatement procedures. The NF reinstatement procedure will specify when the athlete is able to compete in an NF sanctioned event following their reinstatement. During this time, the athlete must be available for out-of-competition sample collection.

If an athlete retires whilst on a sanction and wishes to be reinstated, they are required to observe the remaining sanction period or the reinstatement period, depending on which is longer.  The athlete will also be subject to out-of-competition testing during this time.

ASADA Retirement and Reinstatement

ASADA Retirement Notification Form


Whereabouts Information

Whereabouts is information provided by elite level athletes regarding their location to their International Sport Federation or National Anti-Doping Organisation (ASADA) who have included them in their registered testing pool.

Out of competition doping control testing conducted without notice to athletes is one of the most effective means of deterrence and detection of doping.  Accurate whereabouts information is crucial to ensure the efficiency of anti-doping programs.

In Australia, athletes who are part of the registered testing pool must make their whereabouts known to ASADA so it can perform testing without the athlete’s prior knowledge.  An athlete must specify one hour every day between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm, when they are available for testing.  Athletes can submit their whereabouts information to ASADA online.

ASADA Whereabouts Policy

ASADA Regular Whereabouts Form

ASADA Whereabouts Filing

ASADA Video – Athlete Whereabouts