In an Australian first, Para-athletes and able-bodied athletes will team up to compete in the mixed 4x50m freestyle at the 2019 Australian Short Course Championships in Melbourne, VIC.

On Saturday (26 October) night, four teams will go head-to-head. Each team features one male and one female Para-athlete, and one male and one female able-bodied athlete, including recent World Championships representatives Col Pearse, Taylor Corry, Jack Ireland, Ruby Storm and Rowan Crothers.

Team captains Pearse, Crothers, Emily Beecroft and Kotuku Ngawati will choose the race order.

Teams – Mixed 4x50m Freestyle
Team 1
Col Pearse (Captain)
Taylor Corry
Julie Hawkins
Bowen Gough
Team 2
Rowan Crothers (Captain)
Ruby Storm
Elyse Woods
Benno Negri
Team 3
Kotuku Ngawati (Captain)
Daniel Fox
Ashleigh McConnell
Brendon Smith
Team 4
Emily Beecroft (Captain)
Jack Ireland
Jade Starr
Tyson Upton

By Swimming Australia
Posted: 23/10/2019