Tanya Huebner

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Quick Facts

Short stature - Achondroplasia
How acquired
Date of Birth
Fri, 25/08/1978
Hampton, VIC
Primary school teacher
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Lynne Cox, a US swimmer who conquered swims around the world in extremely cold temperatures
Career Highlights
Representing Australia in swimming in Germany
Greatest Moment
The realisation that she had the potential to represent Australia


As the oldest member of the London 2012 swim squad, Tanya Huebner looms as one of the busiest members of the entire team. Contesting five events, the veteran Victorian shapes as a medal contender in a variety of disciplines.

After she was spotted at an APC Talent Search Day in 2009, Tanya describes herself as “old but new” to the Australian swim team. With a strict training regime and some help from the lucky earrings she wears each time she competes, Tanya is aiming to strike gold at London 2012.

Tanya will be competing in the 100m breaststroke, 100m freestyle, 200m individual medley, 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle. She has been in fine form in these events too, wiping the floor at the 2011 CanAm Championships, winning six gold medals. Prior to this, Tanya enjoyed success at the 2011 Nationals, winning gold in the 50m breaststroke and silver in the 100m breaststroke and 200m individual medley.

When she’s not swimming in the pool, she enjoys her job as a primary school teacher. She also regularly does open water swims and would like to one day compete in open water swims around the world. Tanya also enjoys cycling, tennis, reading literature and going to the beach.

Sport & Disciplines

Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 50m freestyle
Classification: S6
Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 100m freestyle
Classification: S6
Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 100m breaststroke
Classification: SB6
Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 200m individual medley
Classification: SM6
Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 50m butterfly
Classification: S6