Rob Oakley

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Quick Facts

Muscular dystrophy
How acquired
Date of Birth
Wed, 18/04/1962
Primrose Valley, NSW
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Johnny Warren, Lance Armstrong
Career Highlights
Becoming the first Prix St George level rider in Australia
Greatest Moment
First goal he threw in a game of polo cross


Rob Oakley first started horse riding when he was a teenager trying to impress a young girl. The tactic didn’t work but the horse riding did and Rob has gone on to become one of the pre-eminent equestrian competitors in Australia.

Born with muscular dystrophy, Rob became the first ever person in Australia at any classification level to compete at Prix St George, the beginning of the international levels of dressage. He has won countless National Titles and experienced success at his first Para-equestrian international competition at the 2005 Hartpury Dressage Festival International Derby in England. He won gold at the event and has competed for Australia several times since, placing second in two events – the team test and individual test – at the 2011 Oceania Championships.  

When he’s not horse riding, Rob enjoys going on fishing trips whenever he has the time. An outdoor sports enthusiast, he doesn’t hold back when the chance to go water skiing presents itself either. The father of two teenage daughters, Rob takes considerable pleasure from watching his kids grow up.

Inspired by the late Australian soccer icon Johnny Warren, Rob rented a property in Canberra owned by the former Socceroo. Johnny’s infectious and passionate manner of living his life rubbed off on Rob and he has similarly tried to live his life to the fullest.

Born and bred in Canberra and still living in close proximity to his hometown, Rob is based at the ACT Academy of Sport. He prepares and competes with the same goal in mind every time: to be the best rider he can possibly be. Rob hopes this attitude will carry him towards a long awaited gold medal at the London 2012 Games.

Sport & Disciplines

Sport: Equestrian
Disciplines: Individual championship test
Classification: Grade 1A
Sport: Equestrian
Disciplines: Individual freestyle test
Classification: Grade 1A
Sport: Equestrian
Disciplines: Team test
Classification: Grade 1A