Michelle Errichiello

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Quick Facts

Right leg limb loss
How acquired
Car accident
Date of Birth
Tue, 07/12/1982
Gungahlin, ACT
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Athletes with disabilities from third world countries who don’t have the resources and funding to make it in their sport
Career Highlights
Breaking the 100m world record at the 2010 National Championships in Perth
Greatest Moment
Learning to run again as an amputee


While Michelle Errichiello will be competing at her first Paralympics at London 2012, she enters the Games with a big reputation. Making her debut for Australia at the 2009 Arafura Games in Darwin, Michelle made a stunning entrance to the world scene, breaking the T42 200m world record in her first attempt.

The record only lasted all of 40 minutes after Michelle’s training partner, Kelly Cartwright, broke it again. Nonetheless, it marks Michelle as an athlete to watch out for in London.

Competing at the London Games will represent a remarkable recovery after Michelle suffered a shock accident in February 2007. She went to work as usual, not knowing her life was about to change forever. When taking out a rubbish bin on duty at work, an out-of-control car mounted the footpath, crashing into Michelle and amputating her right leg.

The incident and subsequent recovery resulted in Michelle being awarded a Pride of Australia medal in 2010 for her courage and strength of character.

Once out of surgery she set herself three goals – walk again, dance again and run again. Although Michelle only started running to keep fit, she was soon identified as a potential elite athlete and began to focus seriously on her training. Under coach Tim Matthews, Michelle made rapid progress, as witnessed by her stunning performance at the 2009 Arafura Games. Michelle has since moved to Canberra and now trains at the AIS under Iryna Dvoskina.

While at home, Michelle enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends and is studying to become a trauma counsellor. Her husband, Mark, has always been supportive and backs her all the way. She competed in the 2011 World Championships, finishing fourth in the 100m and is aiming to bring home a medal in London.

Sport & Disciplines

Sport: Athletics
Disciplines: 100m
Classification: T42
Sport: Athletics
Disciplines: Long jump
Classification: F42