Janel Manns

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Quick Facts

Incomplete paraplegia
How acquired
Date of Birth
Sat, 28/05/1966
Port Macquarie, NSW
TAFE teacher
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King
Career Highlights
Winning bronze at 2006 FESPIC Games, triple gold at 2007 Arafura Games, hitting number 17 in the world in 2010
Greatest Moment
The moment she realised she was an elite tennis player, not just someone learning to play tennis


Janel Manns has set herself on becoming the first grandmother to win a Paralympic medal. Ranked 39 in the world in singles, the left-handed wheelchair tennis player is well on the way to achieving her goal at the London 2012 Games.

Debuting for Australia at the 2006 FESPIC Games in Kuala Lumpur, Janel won a bronze medal. Her progress continued at an accelerated rate and she blitzed the field at the 2007 Arafura Games, taking home three gold medals in singles, doubles and in the mixed team event. Her form has been solid in the prelude to London 2012 with Janel a finalist at the 2011 Argentina Open and 2011 Minas Open in Brazil.

Janel became an incomplete paraplegic when she fell over while running on a wet bathroom floor at the age of 32. Using the support of her mentor, friend and coach Phil Robinson, she recovered emotionally and devoted herself to a career in wheelchair tennis.

Competing regularly ensures she is able to maintain a premium level of fitness, an area she believes is of paramount importance. An avid reader of biographies and human rights books, Janel is an activist for human rights and equality for people with a disability. In particular, she is inspired by the work and achievements of legendary activists Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Hailing from Port Macquarie on the NSW coast, Janel plans to play tennis for many more years to come. Currently working as a TAFE teacher in welfare and legal advocacy, she would like to stay involved in education for people with disabilities.

Sport & Disciplines

Sport: Wheelchair Tennis
Disciplines: Singles
Classification: Open
Sport: Wheelchair Tennis
Disciplines: Doubles
Classification: Open