Ben Demery

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Quick Facts

Vision Impaired
How acquired
Date of Birth
Fri, 19/09/1986
Dudley, NSW
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Games Experience
Beijing 2008
Lance Armstrong
Greatest Moment
Winning 2 silver medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games


Ben Demery is a passionate man who is determined to succeed in his chosen sport of cycling. Hailing from Newcastle, Ben was born with impaired vision. He believes that “to get in front, train like you’re behind,” and uses this mantra as he trains for his pet events - the one kilometre time trial and the sprint.

Ben first competed in cycling in December 2005 and less than a year later he represented Australia at the IPC World Championships in Switzerland. One of his greatest sporting moments was finishing second in the sprint at the event and in the same year he was named Lake Macquarie’s Sports Person of the Year. Ben then backed up his silver medal at the 2007 IPC World Championships in France where he won another two silvers. The 2008 Beijing Paralympics brought even more glory to Ben, winning another two silver medals in the one kilometre time trial and the sprint. Ben, who is very happy with his results, believes he couldn’t have asked for anything more and sees his performance in Beijing as his greatest sporting moment.

When he isn’t cycling for his club in the Hunter District, Ben likes to relax by going to the movies and the beach with family and friends, especially as he hates the winter. He admires athletes Lance Armstrong and Roger Federer, who both have achieved immense success in their sports.

In the future Ben would like to become an advocate for people with vision impairments. For the meantime, he is taking a break from cycling and will assess his future in the sport early in 2009

Sport & Disciplines

Sport: Summer Sports
Disciplines: 1km Time Trial, Sprint
Classification: VI